Saturday, February 14, 2015

I'm my own Valentine

Aurora on Ice 
 Image Credit & Copyright:  Stéphane Vetter (Nuits sacrées)

 This is a fisheye view of ice and sky photographed at Jokulsarlon Beach, southeast Iceland on February 1st.
The 22 degree lunar halo was created by ice crystals in high, thin clouds refracting the light from an almost full moon.  The aurora was triggered by the earth's magnetosphere and wind from a coronal hole near the Sun's south pole.  Jupiter is visible to the left, just beyond the lunar halo.

I want a glass paperweight exactly like this, it looks fantastic.  Life has interrupted my vow to blog more regularly, like cleaning up still.  I've finished 6 months of ironing but left the board up to press the seams of two new nightdresses.  Bad move, staggered out in the dark to open the back door for the cat and kicked my little toenail completely off.  I didn't notice the hanging off nail until I woke up two hours later but fortunately I was sleeping with my feet out of the covers and didn't bleed on the sheets.  Later on I scratched my leg on the sharp handle of the washing basket and that bled everywhere.

Then there was the incident with the black spider crawling out of my dress on the bed.  That's creepy not knowing if it was in the bed, in the dress I had just taken off or was just wandering around. It didn't help that the dress was mainly black and I just noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. It ran under the bed but I sprayed it on the run.

And last night, wow, last night.  Thunderstorms don't bother me, I like watching the lightning but I swear it was right above my house last night.  Three huge crashes that nearly gave me a heart attack, sent the Bear's eyes spinning and rattled the windows.  Now I have lemons all over the backyard but I can't go out yet because the Lorikeets are in the apple tree for breakfast.  I like the dumbness of a white cat the size of a polar bear hiding in bright green grass waiting for a bird to land near him.  The Lorikeets just move higher up and spit apple at him. 

I've filled two bags for collection and have started on a third but I so object to being told what I can and cannot fill the bags with. I'm very bad and fill black garbage bags and tie the collection bag around the top. If it was the charity the bags were going to I'm be more inclined to put in the good stuff but all of this goes to the big collecting companies and they are making a profit so let them sort through.

My $2 Emporium is closing. I can't believe it, 20 years I've been buying great stuff in there and they're going.  Southland probably has put up the rent 200%.  I must get back there next week and buy some good plain glasses for my painting and look for a good vase or two. Glass pebbles and aluminium pans and plastic bags for beads. I loved that shop.  I hate change.


River said...

Before I read your text I thought that was a paperweight with opals in the base. It's very pretty.
Laughing at a mini polar bear in the green grass!
Ouch on the toenail and shin though, you've got plenty of bandaids?
Sad your $2 shop is closing, I love browsing in them myself, luckily I don't have one near me or I'd be flat broke all the time.

Ann ODyne said...

Buy one of those insecticide canisters in the Aisle 9 with citronella and everything, and set it off under the bed.

Another great post though Dame Coppy, and yes that terrorising thunderclap yesterday was just as loud 245 kms away at my place. The lightning was cartoon style white against the purple sky I thought it would start a grassfire so I leapt in the shower so I would be clean down at The Trauma Centre later on, and what it did start was a 42mms rain washout. The tanks are full oh joy.
Thanks for that mental picture of snowy lurking under the spitty lorikeets though.

Andrew said...

Jah Teh, haven't you heard? It is staff penalty rates that are killing small business. Nothing to do with avaricious Liberal Party voting land lords putting rents up to skyhigh levels and sending small businesses broke.

It's a lovely photo and I am pleased to hear things sound quite normal in your household.

Sir Marshall Stacks said...

ditto what Andrew said. that shop closing has now put a couple of kids in the holding pen at Cennalink where they now have to spend every minute of their tiny lives composing printing posting delivering and using their MYKI balance to apply for 40fkn positions per f/n.
Poor things. Their boss went crazy doing admin for govt related employer's obligations (PAYE and BAS etc) and also does not now know how he is going to pay for his kids school uniforms books excursions etc.
Wishing you a cool day (oh to be in Iceland for just a few minutes this afternoon).

JahTeh said...

River, not only do I have band aids, bandages but every painkiller known to man.
I loved that place because it's the only shop where I can get envelopes to fit my Christmas cards.

Annie, the bed is only 50cm off the ground and the only reason I haven't sprayed in that room was to leave the mozzies alive for the Daddylonglegs in the corner to have something to eat.
As for the spitty Lorikeets, Nature in action, the spitty bits are gobbled up by the under the tree doves.

Andrew, it was the only genuine $2 business left. And read next post and see how un-normal things are at my house. Never invite me to the Highrise unless you bar the windows.

Stacks, you can't mention Craplink to my sister who had a phone call to take up her original birth certificate because they won't take copies. Hot day and 45 minutes later, some dill says I don't know why they rang, it's not necessary. No wonder their buildings feel hostile with all the violence in the air from frustrated people.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

oh the one near Woolies? I noticed that on Monday morning.

That pic would be an amazing paperweight! I love glass with swirls and things