Thursday, April 23, 2015

And I blew my top as well

Cabulco volcano in Chile has erupted for the first time in nearly fifty years.  20 kilometres straight up and that is the dangerous part.  The column can become so heavy that before being dispersed by high level winds, it can collapse on itself and flow down the volcano's sides as a pyroclastic flow.  A red hot cloud of ash, water and rock debris, a lot of water and you have a Lahar, a red hot mud flow that destroys everything in its path.  This usually follows the gullies and crevices down the mountain side but it can go anywhere it wants to.

Reading this was quite timely for me since I went off like a volcano yesterday and if my sister speaks to me this side of Christmas it will be a miracle.  It was about time she copped a blast.  Mother just got the edge of the blast too.
But my main target wasn't around and hasn't rung either.  When I'm paying a woman who is supposed to be an expert in her field I expect her to be an expert.  Dansac have stopped making the colostomy bags the old girl's been using for the last 15 years and stopped without notice so no chance of stockpiling although I had just received an order that will last 2 months. The new bags are completely useless for what we need, so the need for a stomal therapist.  I've dealt with stomal therapists since l988 and all of them have an elevated belief in their own superiority and only one I met was that good. This one was the same bombastic bimbo and about as useful as a bucket with a hole in it.  I automatically assumed this professional would look at mother's medical files and discuss with the PCA who cares for her on a regular basis. Hah, what a joke, Joyce.  
For one thing she'd never seen a stoma like mother has. (TMI, I could give you more)
For another thing if she'd never seen one like that, why didn't she take notice of my mother who lives with it, the PCA who looks after mother or me who's looked after it since 1988.
She's too superior for that.  Didn't know how allergic mother is to sticky tapes of all kinds.  Decides that the stoma is bigger than the 80mm opening I've been cutting out and measures it as 110mm and orders larger baseplate bags and cuts out 110mm.  Rings me and says there's only 5 in the box and I'll have to order more and pay for fast delivery.  When I go down, stupid superior nitwit hadn't looked in the box properly and found the other 5 when it says in big letters on the box - 10 in box.  
And the way she'd cut them out was disgraceful and I had to re-do them and cut out the others.  Good thing I always have a small pair of scissors with me in case I need to open a vein.
By night time, mother was in pain, allergic reaction to sticky bits, allergic to baseplate and skin  burning and blistering.
Bitch goes back next morning and PANICS because she's never seen anything like it before in her career.  Isn't there a text book that has pictures?  Yes, it is unusual but only because the two ends of bowell were never re-connected which is why it's like it is.  I'm well aware that neat little round holes are the norm but if you are going to put yourself out as an expert then make sure you know you have learnt all you need to know to be an expert and obviously this dumb arse tart hasn't.
She rang Doc Marvin.  Brave that is, he hates incompetence from experts.  He has now taken over, she's back with the old bags, the small 80mm opening, antibiotics and a big notice about watching for cellulitis.  The expert is now trying to find replacement bags, good luck for that, fkning bimbo.

And I must say this, The Peninsula Ostomy Association has been terrific over the years in helping people and even they were not told these bags were dumped.  They couldn't even get a letter out in time to warn us.  They're staffed by volunteers and are not lumped in with superior dumbkins.


River said...

This is more than irresponsible, this is criminal! How many others like your mum are now suffering through their incompetence?
How can they not check and see that a large portion of the population is needing the product. How can they not inform you and at least suggest a suitable substitute, with enough time for you to get them in? I'm outraged.
Of course they are only the supplier, probably the manufacturer behind them is at fault too, they're probably looking at a cheaper-to-produce product to protect their profit margins. Grrr!

Ann ODyne said...

oh I thought of you the moment I saw that volcano in the news.
Bravo Marvo The Magnificent.
If I needed a bagstomamy I would open a vein. I. Would. Open. A. Vein.

because I don't have anybody like you to look after me.
You absolutely must have this big talk with Ma before the issue becomes 'Unresolved Conflict' - a position which does not make life easier.
I always promised myself I would 'have it out' with my father, and I now regret that I was too kind. Please don't let this happen to you.
love from the bush

JahTeh said...

River, that's the problem, most don't recover from what she went through, 8 out of 10 people die but 25 years later she's still with us. The company didn't tell the Ostomy people and they didn't have any back ups either.

Annie, tart made a mistake, she rang Doc Marvin and when he didn't answer (69 flu vacs that afternoon) she didn't ring the reception where flashing lights go off at the mention of mother's name. He was furious when he saw the damage next day.
A bit hard to talk 'unresolved conflict' when she said she'd have died without my care and then I had to ring today and tell her Aunt Patty died last night.
The only unresolved conflict is which colour brick to hit her with.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

ugh don't get me started on medical incompetence.

Love those pics of the volcano, spectacular.

JahTeh said...

Fen, you and I are experts on medical incompetence. When stupid came back and saw the allergic reaction, it was "I've never seen anything like that" again and Mum just said, "Well now you have!"
Here we are 27th and she hasn't been in touch with nursing home or me.