Monday, April 06, 2015

Did someone mention Penguins?

I really don't care if this is photoshopped because I couldn't stop smiling at the penguin riding the waves on a dolphin.  I got lost in penguins while looking for something completely different.

This is genius. Instead of me dunking the tea bag he does it for me and with a timer.  My orange and cinnamon tea must take exactly 4 minutes of steeping or it's ruined so I'm always drinking crap herbal tea.

Instead of sewing up the cushions for my sister who is annoying me and possibly trying to take the title of Queen Bitch of the Universe because now that she's retired, she has the time to refine her bitching, I was looking at painting little animals on rocks.  I had owls and fish then I found penguins on plastic ice cubes.  Adorable and genuinely time wasting.

I need time wasting.  I looked up my diary for this time last year and my mother had a chest infection and was on antibiotics.  This year she has a chest infection and is on antibiotics.  My life is not Groundhog Day, it's Groundhog Year.


River said...

I LOVE the teabag timer! And the dolphin surfing penguin.
The little rock penguins would make great paperweights.
Sorry to hear your mum has the same chest infection back. Perhaps next year she will try something different. Like no infection at all.

Elephant's Child said...

Too many penguins is never enough.
Ground hog year? Aaaargh. What a shame your mama is determined to be consistent.

Andrew said...

The tea bag timer is an excellent idea. I need to buy now for Household Management who now drinks tea instead of coffee.

JahTeh said...

River, next door have large flat stones which would make a great penguin but I'll have to sneak out at night and nick one. I thought I might stick tiny stones on the bottom for feet.

EC, it's just charming sitting there with her cough cough spit cough and in between telling me there's nothing wrong.

Andrew, I've no idea where to buy the timer but it's a brilliant idea. Good for R but I can't give up the morning coffee. It seems to be more warming than tea.