Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I meant to post something serious.

But I was sidetracked by glittering things like these glass beads by Masae Nakahara.  I tried to find out about the artist but pages translated from Japanese do not make easy reading.  All you need to know is in the glass artistry of these tiny objects.  The bead above has a little salamander.

 I love the detail in the lobsters in this one.

And for Elephant's Child, penguins.
And the detail is fantastic.


Elephant's Child said...

Ooh and ahhh.
Beautiful trumps serious every time. Thank you.

Running Amok With An Ax said...

o my glob, the little lobsters are divine. If I wasn't a dignified lady, I'd be screaming SQUEEEEEE!!

Andrew said...

They are only the size of beads? Amazing work.

River said...

They're stunning. Does the website say where they can be bought?
They probably cost an arm and a leg though.

Ann ODyne said...

what everybody above said, ditto from me. PENGUINS!
Pinterest is such a wonderful distraction of gorgeous things.
love from me in a motel Way Out West in Hamilton. The Old West, The Wild West.

JahTeh said...

EC, I knew I had to post these as soon as the penguins came up.

Ax, the detail in the lobsters is wonderful and it's inside the glass which always fascinates me.

Andrew, I have some in a book which is way down the bottom of the pile so I can't give you the exact dimensions of the bead. I would love a penguin one as a paperweight.

River, I couldn't find any website that wasn't in Japanese but as I said to Andrew, I have a book but can't reach it. Probably two arms, a foot and an ear.

Miss O'Dyne, the move at last. I hope Kitty is taking it well. There are volcanic rocks in Hamilton, I expect specimens, probably you will have to dig them out of your potential rose garden.

Sir Marshall Stacks said...

oh dear, not the move yet, AOD was just in a motel during the drive 500 kms there and back to meet the guy cleaning the chimney. the crim vendors had the power cut off on settlement day.
They bought the house from The Sheriff's Dept after the previous occupant failed to pay the renovators and went to jail where he died.
Is this bad karma for AOD?
Silly Annie is back now with shitty Kitty left alone for 24 hours.

JahTeh said...

Miss O'Dyne will have to buy smudge sticks from local New Age shop and Feng Shui the whole place. Also plant rosemary at all four corners of the house and hang a round glass witch's ball to catch evil from entering the front door. I would also suggest burying the bones of the real estate agent at the front gate as an offering to the great land spirit.