Saturday, April 18, 2015

Regular posts will resume when I get over these


I was browsing through wedding cakes for no particular reason except that I love wedding cakes but these three could turn me against wedding cakes forever.  The one above is called the Dancing Queen although we could change that for Andrew with one little letter change and R looks dazzling in red.

This was truly over the top and for some reason the red layers look as though they have a furry covering.  One mask, okay but three and oh my, the giant feathers.  Although I could have used a giant feather or three at my wedding mainly to stab the best man right through the heart.

That led to this.  There's so much going on at that table I wouldn't know what to eat first let alone plunge the knife in for the first slice.  My imagination went into overdrive at just what the Bridal Party were wearing.  Surely the Bride would not have gone for the full 'Gone with the Wind' black crinoline and red bustier but what would the Groom be wearing?  Bearskin hat, red jacket, black pants, gets a faceful of tourists at Buck Palace.  I wonder if the theme was the red wedding from Game of Thrones?  Now that's my kind of wedding.


Elephant's Child said...

What incredible workmanship, what incredible lack of taste.
And the second one the red things look like felt hats. Fez?
Gob and smacked.

River said...

The last two look more suitable for a Halloween Party.
Although either could have been at my daughter's wedding. She made her own dress and it was burgundy taffeta with a black veil.

Andrew said...

Dancing queen? You missed my butch post when I was the plumber.

JahTeh said...

EC, I'm all for brides expressing their inner self for a wedding but I wonder about the reason for this lack of taste. Even Big Gypsy Weddings go for white cakes.

River, I approve of black and burgundy, two of my favourite colours and what colour was the cake? I've seen some burgundy and gold cakes that I've drooled over.

Andrew, a butch plumber! So that's where those rumours about you being a top hand with a plunger came from.

Where did the weird new prove you're not a robot came from. I had to point out 2 loaves of bread from other food. It's like being in school.