Monday, August 03, 2015

August 3, that's 3 days closer to another birthday.

Yes I would have loved this cake for my birthday.

I would even have loved this cake for my birthday.

Did I get any cake for my birthday, nada, no, zilch, nothing.  My sister forgot, went out to lunch and didn't invite me, didn't say Happy Birthday when she dropped into the Home for her usual 10 minutes.
Nephew rang yesterday, very apologetic but then he never remembers his own birthday, I have to do it for him.  He sold a car from my driveway so said he would buy me anything I wanted.  All I want is him at my door when I need a lift or have an urgent need for fish and chips for tea, like now.
Mother made me a card and even managed to write in it with wibblywobbly writing but the 'take whatever you need and buy something nice' was quite clear.
The Divine O'Dyne sent me a present, the kind that keeps on keeping on.  Big black ribbon, check, big strong box to be re-used for jewellery, check, lovely shiny paper which ironed out nicely, check and lots of goodies inside, check.  Because this was the only present I received, I'm only looking at one thing a day.
HighRiser did not bring me back a little rock from a glacier or Niagara Falls. Shitty card for Christmas for him.
Nothing from my sister.
Phone call from youngest granddaughter, 21 in November.  Knows her own mind, just wish knowing she wants to be a missionary come Minister of some nutjob Christian Church in California where she has been studying for the past year wasn't so high on her agenda.  Already she has missionaried in Rio and plans to do it all over the world. She was very careful not to tell me exactly what Church or where it is in California.  
Sometimes it's better not to know anything at all about their lives.
Eldest went to India this year.  I really loved all the postcards that didn't arrive.

I have picked out a, not a wheelie, they're called Rollators with extra wide seat for extra wide sitting part.  Now just to sell the treadmill on ebay.  Diabetes educator has not realized I haven't been back and I'm not going back.  Walk, she said, you must walk for the good insulin levels.  The insulin might have done something but the arthritis in the crumbling foot belted it up a notch. So now I've graduated to a Rollator. I wish these people would see that the 'one size fits all' cure/diet for diabetics doesn't always work and it hasn't worked on me. 

So sad to see Bronnie's gone from the Speaker's chair, I was looking forward to another month of LOLs but here we have Darth Ruddock rising from the dead, croaking and groaning but ever willing to take the load on his shoulders.  I must be feeling better if Parliament is giving me a laugh.

A word of warning, don't ever buy a Peanut Butter ice cream Magnum.  I'm warning you Magnum, don't get all arty with the flavours or I'll leave you in a ditch.  I'm still trying to get the noxious flavour out of my mouth.  Who ever thought that would be a good idea is not human.  There is nothing good about peanut butter ice cream, nothing.



Elephant's Child said...

Peanut butter icecream? Eeeuw.
Mind you I heard a rumour that Cadbury's have put vegemite in chocolate. Also eeeuw.
Happy belated birthday, with wishes that next year everyone comes to the party.

Ann ODyne said...

oh dear Coppy I hope it keeps on keeping on and I hope you think it all looked pretty.
My sister has never given me any gifts ever ... oh wait, I'm an only child - well there you go The Eternal Gift Of Peace.
May I use this to announce that until my humourless daughter finds it and takes such exception to something in it that she emails me after a year of silence to bitch and snarl, that trying to be anodyne blog is now on it's back with it's legs in the air for comments. It may be brief so please visit soon to notice my friend who can photograph the speedo while doing 140kph. Practising in case a swift drive to A&E is needed for a worker with snake bite.
I haven't had ice cream for so long that I would eat any flavour really. oh look Ben & Jerrys have peanut butter since 1989.

Andrew said...

I am overwhelmed with guilt. There is a spare fridge magnet with a train picture on it that no one wanted?

JahTeh said...

EC, I knew there was something ghastly with vegemite but I hadn't found it and now it will hit me in the face every time I walk into the supermarket. Salted caramel I can understand but vegemite chocolate, not even Annie O would come at that.

Oh gloat AO, sometimes I feel like an only child. She's on the list for a knee replacement but has bought a lounge 3 inches off the carpet, try getting up off that without pain sister dear. I loathe Ben and Jerry's ice-cream, it's so sweet and icky and American. I am going over to the blog to try and leave a comment and I will re-direct any daughter bitch and snarl that comes along, just leave her to me, remember I have the bitch queen of the Universe daughter-in-law. So many people to dislike, so little time.

Andrew, how sweet, leftovers. I should have directed my request to R, he would have picked up a little rock for me, he's a gentleman

River said...

A Birthday? Soon??? Why aren't you in my diary? I was sure I'd written you in last year.
Okay you're in there now. August 7th, right?
Pretty sure I can't send a cake through the mail :( but I could make one and eat it while I think of you.
Peanut butter ice cream sounds perfectly horrible, just like vegemite in chocolate. (*~*)

River said...

Oh wait, I've got that wrong. The birthday is already gone, August 1st? 2nd? Help me out here so I don't forget next year.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi JT,

I'm intrigued. I like peanut butter - I wonder whether I should take that forbidden fruit?




Fenstar de Luxe said...

Happy Belated Birthday.
Peanut flavoured most things are rank, from experience. I stick with chocolate magnums!

JahTeh said...

River, I have it fixed for everyone from now on I send cards for birthdays on my birthday and then I can't forget. And since it's now 8th of August I already have forgotten to do that.

Plasman, you've eaten in China, I imagine nothing would kill you after that. One of my mother's carers went back to China for a week just recently and never strayed far from a toilet, too used to Oz food. He has to go back next week and is packing a suitcase full of Immodium.

Fenstar, nothing should come between the purity of the original magnum except the expresso, great strong coffee flavour and dark chocolate.