Saturday, July 25, 2015

Please, never let this end.

Once the dam breaks, it just keeps flowing.  I'd like to know if she has a secret slush fund for hair spray.

Okay I needed a week of laughs.  Dentist, X-rays, large needles and extraction of back molar and mother.  
I thought just one week for me after fixing up all the other crap this month but no, she just didn't want to worry me. It's never bothered her before.  Couldn't ring me, no credits on the phone but forgot I can ring her.  Thursday I get a call and she has a headache again.  Thursday night I get a call from a friend who tells me she hasn't had her proper breakfast for 4 days because the kitchen ran out of Weetbix before the next delivery.  She's had rice bubbles.  This is just after I spent an hour re-doing her patient care plan about food and making it clear that she must have Weetbix and toast for breakfast.  It's the one meal she really looks forward to and if she doesn't get it, her blood sugar drops until lunch arrives, cue headache.
Our friend walked up to Coles, barely 5 minutes away and bought a box of Weetbix out of her own pocket.
I was going to put in a complaint but by the time I arrived on Friday through the freezing wind and sore mouth, if I had complained it would have been with a brick through the office window.  I had had enough.  Wouldn't you have thought that someone could have taken some petty cash and walked to Coles and bought the Residents breakfast.  Not that lot, it would mean admitting a mistake and they don't admit or explain or apologize. 

My stars at this time last year said I would have to look back 12 years to see what this 12 month cycle would bring since Jupiter the bringer of luck and whatever only travels your sign once every 12 years.  I did that and it was a great year back then, I even lost weight and I was happily divorced and looking forward to a new life.  It didn't happen this 12 months, it's been totally without joy.  I haven't even loooked to see which planet hoves into view at the end of August because it couldn't be any worse.

I did get an early birthday card, thank you to Aitkens Real Estate but it still won't make me sell you my house.  Selling up and running away with the money would mean I'd have to clean up and pack books, never going to happen.  Where would the four cars in the drive go? Would the Ice Bear cope with moving? Who would look after the filligree hamster if the stove was chucked out? 

Good old Bronnie, the only person who's made life fun for the last of my wondrous year.  


Andrew said...

She is the media gift who just keeps on giving.

River said...

I'm astonished at the breakfast situation.
How many time have you gone over the meal plan with them??
Do they write it down? Can they read?

Ouch on the back molar, but at least that one won't bother you ever again.
Love the Bronnie pics.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, it was a big enough hole with the 'copter but things are now surfacing, it's like people are getting revenge. I mean she has thrown out 400 Labor party members and only 7 Liberals from the sittings.
Abbott would love it if she decided to go, she was so pissed at being made Speaker when she wanted Julie Bishop's job. Can you imagine her as Foreign Minister?

River, it's not the plan, it's the fact that no-one bothered to walk down and buy a box from the supermarket just for the residents. That's what gobsmacked me. I should have gone off again but mother didn't tell Doc Marvin because to quote "we were chatting about other things". That did it, if she couldn't open her mouth then she can put up with the headache.

Elephant's Child said...

We are Bronnie's slush fund. For hairspray and for everything else. I assume she has found a way to bill us for the helichopter ride she is 'paying back' too.
And yes, if your mother can't tell Doc Marvin, neither should you have to.

Frances said...

Hell, I wish I had back molars.
Teeth are about power - not sugar, cigarettes or whatever. Power.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, I've never seen that woman with a hair out of place, perhaps we could sue her for the hole in the Ozone layer.

Frances, I have used that gaping hole as an excuse for living on ice-cream all week. It's the places where the needles go in that hurt the longest, another week of ice-cream, woe is me.

Ann ODyne said...

I hope there is some nutritional value in a rice bubble.
Massive sympathy re dental diversion and how wonderful that a week of ice cream has an excuse.

The ABronalypse Now has some way to go, because she isn't resigning, and must. The funnies on it are a great bonus though. Elnett have a new strength spray: Rotor-Blade Resistant, developed especially for the bish.

ann odyne said...

"A FORMER Qantas flight attendant has recalled Bronwyn Bishop acting like a “spoilt brat” after she was told she couldn’t get her favourite seat on a plane.
Clayton Long remembers the incident well. The flight from Perth to Sydney, which took place about 15 years ago, was delayed for about half an hour after the Speaker of the House of Representatives reportedly objected to her seating arrangements.
“It was because she (Ms Bishop) didn’t get the seat that she prefers. She likes the front row of business class,” Mr Long told Fairfax.
“But business class was full with the exception of two seats. She was given the seat with no one next to her but she still wasn’t happy.”
Ms Bishop eventually agreed to get on the plane but made her displeasure very clear to the flight staff, despite their attempts to provide the best possible service.
“She wouldn’t take anything. she was like a spoilt child,” he said. “I just thought it was incredible. She’s paid by the Australian taxpayer. To even get into her mind that she’s entitled to a particular seat just floors me.”

Ann ODyne said...

Dear Coppy - 31st July! I looked for a Mystic Medusa horoscope and it confirmed what your readers all know "Leos are quotable" - see Diana Vreeland a supreme example, infamous Tweeter JK Rowling born on the same day as you, and your astro-bro list has Daniel Radcliffe and the articulate Prez Barack Obama as well as bonkingly beautiful Ben Affleck [I would tolerate his gambling] and here's Mystics' take on your astro-bro Arnold Schwarzenegger [a Leo with Mars in Leo]:

'The extreme and highly effective life-altering 1970's Arnie Diet - Eat and drink whatever the hell you feel like apart from packet/junk food, work-out for 4 hours, and get yourself 10 orgasms.'

Apparently these can be DIY, or via the kid's nanny in Arnie's case, but you have to have ten. I get them from blueberry custard muffins myself.

Wishing you many happy warm and fabulous returns of this your birthday

Elephant's Child said...

And a very happy birthday from me too. A chocolate filled peaceful birthday. With jewels...

R.H. said...

A very happy birthday big thing, sorry I missed it.

JahTeh said...

Leos are also made for the good life which is why we live in the fast lane of chocolates and ice-cream and in my case, divinely gorgeous men that don't and never will exist. I have high standards men could never reach.

Look at Ben Affleck, the gambling I could tolerate, the nanny (another one) fumbling, no.

Robbert, there is no hope for you if you missed a big thing birthday. I could have used a Tango or maybe a bit of Rumba.

El Chi, not a chocolate in the house but I found a packet of sugerless biscuits I'd hidden. Not quite the same.

Ann ODyne said...

Mr Holt who uses lumps of Blu-Tack to make his ears stick out, was in his Tony Abbott suit and blue tie. Outside Bishop's electorate office, clutching a bunch of flowers he launched into his self-penned song set to the tune of Candle in the Wind:

“Goodbye Bronwyn Kathleen,

Though they never respected you at all,

You had the grace to hire yourself,

The aircraft you desired ...”

“Now it seems to me that you lived your life like a chopper in the wind ...”

JahTeh said...

Bwahahahahaha, how absolutely brilliant. One of the panel on The Drum last night said she was the worst Speaker of the House he'd ever seen and it was Bat Ears plan to sow discord and slow down sittings.

iODyne said...

good point, so bat-ears not as stupid as he looks, or his Advisors aren't. I used to watch QTime but she made it true masochism to do so, and I don't now.

Rocky Md said...

A little superb plus enlightening posting. I actually favored them.

David J. Clark said...

The excellent level, thus bat-ears much less ridiculous since this individual seems, or perhaps his / her Consultants are certainly not. My partner and i utilized to observe Q Time yet the lady caused it to be correct masochism to take action, and also my company and i will not today.