Sunday, July 19, 2015

I love the smell of burning bronnies in the morning

Bwahahaha, keep them coming, they're better than Fat Joe's or the Bat Earred Monk's. 

 Hi ASIO, keep up the good work at the demo's.


Elephant's Child said...

I am warming my hands (and heart) at the blaze too. With luck the flames will spread.

Andrew said...

Apart from her major fault of just being 'that Bishop woman', I don't recall her really making any big screwups. Bang goes her illustrious career now.

River said...

Echoing the others. Seems she thinks she deserves star treatment now. WRONG!!

ann odyne said...

what I find fascinating is that BronHairlda was not offered a ride by any of the many other LNP attendees motoring in their prestige vehicles down the M1 to the golf club

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi JT,

Aussie political shenanigans are taking a turn for the worse, what with mad battleaxe and Tony Abbott'.

You guys need a revolution.




JahTeh said...

El Chi, it was only a lack of judgment, the kind that would get us thrown in jail.

Andrew, As Speaker of the House, she has had 400 Labor members removed and only 7 Liberal members removed. That's hardly impartial which a Speaker is supposed to be. She's Voldemort with a hair do.

River, Abbot put her in as Speaker, she didn't want to do it but he was cunning enough not to let her be behind him with a handbag full of knives.

Annie O, the entitled do not ride with anyone even their own mob. Good Heavens they might have the nerve to speak to the exalted one. Have you ever seen her eyes up close, dead like a shark's.

Plasman, speak quietly, rumours abound that the Mad Monk has a cunning plan to hold an election when no-one is looking. Probably during the Circus season, who would notice?

R.H. said...

How did she fit that hairdo into a helicopter?

What a grotesque human being.

Don't you remember years ago when she demanded that a plane she was on in a queue above Tullamarine be landed immediately? "Land this plane now!"