Sunday, November 08, 2015

Downhill run to Christmas

That's Cup Week over for another year and I bet there's a lot of feet that felt like they'd been wearing this shoe.  And for once I loved the Cup run, a female won on a 101-1 cracker of a horse trained in Australia.  That's what makes the Cup a special race, no matter how much money you pour into a horse to win, in this race it's all chance.

My sister has had her knee replacement. A brutal, brutal operation that she will never have done ever again even if she has to hobble if the other knee gives out.  Not a word to me who had it done 20 years ago, two knees 15 months apart.  She had the whole knee replaced, I kept the kneecaps because it was supposed to be easier.  I have scars 33cms long, she has a 6 inch fine scar with 4 steri-strips and no external stitches.  My surgeon worked with his own physiotherapist and the minute I opened my eyes I was exercising, as far as I know she hasn't had any physio yet but is pleased with her 90 degree bend.  After 6 weeks I was up to 135 degrees.  I know this isn't a competition but she's so bloody smug about everything except the pain.  She has pain, she rang up asking when did the pain stop, bwahahahaha!  Lovely.

Mother is still here.  She is getting new bottom teeth and with Murphy's law will be buried with new choppers. The Home has been taken over by Southern Cross Care and handover will be March 2016. 
I think that's when I went clunk, the worry about if I'd have to move her or what was going on, if anything, suddenly stopped.  Their catering staff have already taken on the kitchen and the food is the best in the 6 years she's been there.  Any complaints and the Chef comes to talk to the resident in person.  She's already worked out a menu for mum for the no teeth weeks.  I might even get myself down there for a decent Christmas Dinner this year.

I still have my saved up loot for the new big A walker.  I'm on a loaner at the moment and you lot are lucky that I don't drive a car.  I'm bad enough on the footpath with four wheels let alone on a road. I have to make a decision soon before everything shuts for the loony season but after the treadmill disaster, I'm being careful.  I have tried to walk on the treadmill with trainers but the foot still hurts like hell and will never be better.  At least the walker helps with my terrible balance problem.  I still look like I'm two sheets to the wind when walking but with something to hold onto it feels better. 

Vinnie's car has left the building to be replaced by a bucket of rust.  But I am assured that this is a collector's item and he was so lucky to get it in this condition. If I could have stood up again, I'd have rolled on the ground laughing.  But I was shown photos of newly renovated rust buckets and I have to admit they are good looking cars.  He did tell me what kind of car it was but you know me and cars, I only know they have 4 wheels outside and one inside.  Still have the Falcon and the soft top VW which I have seen painted in a rich metallic crimson and black.  I fell in love with that. He says no, basic blue and cream top, damn.  My sister is still carrying on about him making my house look like a tip but a no rent driveway for a year makes a cheap Christmas present.

I am still hoping to convince Miss O'Dyne to start a new blog about her adventures in country living but she is busy chopping trees, killing snakes and being .05 every time she collects the mail from the pub. I sat outside the local milkbar in the sun this morning and thought how lovely for summer nights if they could get a drink licence for the locals.  Then I thought about getting that bloody walker across the road, so maybe not.

As a final word, isn't life dull without the Mad Monk and Hokey Hockey?


Elephant's Child said...

Christmas? How did that happen? I haven't even put my ingredients for the cakes in to soak yet. Soon. Ish.
And add my pleas when next you contact Ms O'D. I would love to see more posts from her.

River said...

I'm very pleased to hear you're in much better spirits now, that's better moods, not better quality gin, and also very pleased to hear good words about Southern Cross Care. Some of the nursing homes in Adelaide are run by Southern Cross, so if I ever have to go into one, I shall request Southern Cross.
Laughing at your sister being so proud of her 90* knee bend. I think it's unfair that she got such a tiny scar while you got a half a leg in stitches, but I guess that's progress. Am I right thinking it's better to keep the kneecap? Thankfully, my knees are still fine.
Is your A walker an adjustable height? Are any of them? I see so many around here and the people are all hunched over them because the walkers seem so short, they can't stand up straight and still hold on. Surely that can't be good for their backs....
Anyway, I hope you get to have a good Christmas Dinner with your mum this year. Edible food at last!

JahTeh said...

EC, this year has just gone so fast I can't believe we're in November and I haven't even started making my cards but I did pull the boxes out this afternoon. 3 years and I still haven't made up the Christmas brooch tree or painted one ornament but I did buy a Snowman plate at the op-shop for $3. Miss O'Dyne is working like a beaver before the fire season starts. She's cutting down trees and she bought a power saw, I've always wanted a power saw and no-one in the family would buy me one.

River, my knees came out 20 years ago so I guess it's all different now except the pain, lots and lots of pain. But it surprises me that she was sent home after only 4 days and had to give herself blood thinning injections. That's not the first person I've heard who's had to do that.
The walker is adjustable and I still need another inch or two in height. I want to keep as straight a back as I can and you are right about the hunched walkers, I see them everywhere.

Ann ODyne said...

oh Coppy I am so sorry I am hardly ever online these days. there is no anonymity in a small town so I dare not describe a thing. sorry El Child. hilarity yesterday when I misjudged parking at the pub/PO and the whole bar heard the Clunk!
Coppy - Pantene! "not soon but it WILL happen". all you had to do was wait 20 years for your Sister revenge moment.
Man making enormous noises on my new roof right now - I had 18 buckets up the hall catching the indoor raindrops back in May.
back to the fray now. love youse all

JahTeh said...

Was that parking before or after collecting the mail/pints?
Sister had no stitches because they use superglue now. Still whinging about pain though and delighted that her none appetite has lost her 10 kgs, probably off her brain.

You must post photos of new roof which hopefully will not collect the forty tons of bird nests and mummified possums you've just ditched. Love the country re-cycling, old roof will roof old shearing shed some miles up the road.

Hels said...

Your mother's care home has been taken over by another nation-wide company and you are not quite sure what to expect in March 2016. My late parents were at Regis, a place I was really pleased with. But I know exactly what you are going through. What would happen if she has to be moved? If the medical and nursing care is adequate? If the two screamers keep everyone awake at night? If the food is too cheap or the portions are too small?

Give your mum's catering staff and chef a lovely bottle of wine/whiskey each this Christmas. Sounds as if they are doing a great job.