Monday, November 30, 2015

I nearly deleted the blog

I have to start with a laugh these days or I'd never keep going.  Yes, I very nearly gave it all up yesterday. I couldn't find a thing to say, my brain is disappearing into some blackhole and it's all hanging by a cosmic string.  So I was sitting here deciding when I knocked the flat screen over the back of the table but no damage done with my foot breaking its fall.  It also took the lamp with it and all my bits of paper with irreplaceable notes and bits of blog ideas.  Lots of swearing involved in getting it back up plus prayers that nothing had happened to it.  I might have found some dill nice person interested in taking the treadmill and that would be such a nice Christmas present.  I might be inclined to tidy up the study and put down new carpet since I'm almost through to the concrete floor in places.

And mother has lasted another year.  Depression at the back of my mind just waiting for the wrong moment to gallop out and hit me.  The yawning black hole of 2016 stretches ahead,  visit, recover, visit and on and on.  She is more tired, in bed more often than not and has another chest infection.  For the first time she has all her cards finished and filed and isn't doing any more.  The boxes, usually all over her corner at this time of year, are neatly stacked. She watches only her favourite dvds and doesn't bother with the others.  And Christmas is only 25 days away but StarWars is only 16 days away so she can go after either date but not before.  Besides I haven't paid for her teeth yet.

Sister is still in pain, poor thing.  Yes, that's a poor attempt at sympathy.  And pink cricket balls?
Abbott planning an insurrection?  He couldn't plan his jockstrap right way round.  Malcolm T, sounds like a stateman, speaks with a forked tongue like the Liberal to the bone that he is.  And please someone put Dutton out of my misery and hand him a poison chalice.  Not that I'm happy with Victorian Politics, the Labor party is beginning to rival Canberra for fuck-ups.  Give us trains on tracks instead of promises not that I'll be using them.  I'm having enough trouble with bus drivers who hate walkers.

So pleased I did not fork out the loot for the ritzy walker.  I now have several other choices for the money.  I'm almost there for a dishwasher but can't afford the plumber.  A shade cloth over the front patio but what a waste if I win Tattslotto and build the conservatory I really want.  Concrete ramps at all the outside doors because I'll kill myself lifting the bloody walker over the steps but have you had a quote for concrete lately? I don't nearly have enough for that.  I keep getting junk mail for a cleaning service, how lovely but I couldn't let them in before I cleaned up and if I cleaned up I wouldn't need the cleaning service. A freestanding exhaust that goes over the stove, I could do that but I can't afford the carpenter to rip out the cupboards over the stove to put the exhaust up. That would also involve a plasterer and a paint job and God forbid that I should disturb SuperMouse who is still alive and not fried because he's made a nest out of the insulating material between the stove walls.  Which is really why I don't need a freestanding exhaust because I bought a bench oven so I wouldn't have to put the big one on.  Don't laugh, it's perfectly rational to a humanitarian.

I've missed a lot of science stuff this year including my darling boys who won a heap of awards and I've only just found out by Internet stalking because they've been overseas so often this year I haven't been able to catch up.  Thank you Abbott for dismissing Science as fiction in favour of your Bible studies.  

And in case you are wondering, the cat is fine.


Elephant's Child said...

Please don't delete the blog. You would be much missed.
Turnbull? Same pig in nicer lipstick. Which I have been saying a lot lately.
I am glad the cat is fine. Something/someone has to be.
Hiss and spit on all the other fronts.

River said...

I'm so glad you decided to stay. Where else could you vent and receive love and hugs from all over the world? Besides, I'd miss you very much. So very much.
And I'm not the only one. Many of us love you here.

Andrew said...

I have heard of government, not sure if it was local, state or federal, assessing people's homes and paying for improvements to someone's house to make it easier and safer for people to stay in their own home, things such as grab handles near a bath and railings at steps. I would think a ramp would not be an unreasonable request. I suspect you know more about this that I would.

JahTeh said...

EC, the cat wasn't fine last night when he got caught in the sudden storm. I was supposed to go out and pick up the wet varmint in the rain. Calendar arrived but I am not opening it until Christmas.

River, I was hoping that 2016 would be my year but not unless she carks it in the next 30 days. She's on antibiotics again and I see another re-run of last Christmas and Christmas Day is also the December full moon. What jolly larks with the loons at the Home.

Andrew, you wouldn't believe the crap you have to wade through to get a light bulb screwed in by this Council and they charge and there's a waiting list of up to 12 months for big stuff and believe me, ramps are not on the list. It's easier to blackmail the nephew.

Ann ODyne said...

oh Coppy darling you are a treasure of pleasure. I envy your capacity for flippancy where I would be fraught. The image is a joy too. Your cleaning remarks are completely understandable. I just wasted the entire morning grooming the car because it is going for it's first service [overdue since August]. Now I have to groom myself and get 45 kms into town.
Think of me after though, drinking Carlton longnecks at 4PM in the hotel at Merino. May everything you wish, just fall the way you want.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

Don't you dare go anywhere! Well, the blog. You're allowed to wander about.

JahTeh said...

Fenstar de Luxe, just loved your business cards. I think I'd like a business card, Fat Lady Therapy - How to cast your shadow over thin people and blot them out. Actually I could cast my shadow over at least 3 thin people but then I'm a professional.

Annie O, 'May everything you wish, just fall the way you want', yeah, right like my sister falling flat on her new knee replacement. Abused me this morning because she went to see mother and she wasn't as dying as I'd made out. Bitch.

R.H. said...

Mother might like to compete in a wheelchair derby I'm organising down Punt road hill. It's called The Get The old Folks off The Pension Rally. Mother will start in pole position of course. And hey, that hill is very steep, some will end up in the Yarra. My street was full of old folks when I came here, now it's all hipsters, boneheads who can't afford North Fitzroy. Good. Or what would I do for a snigger? I've put up extra Christmas decorations this year just to upset them, the only thing that bothers them more than dogshit is Christianity. Yes well the wheelchair derby is only a joke but watch out for your arse next time you visit mother, I'm getting her a stock whip and teaching her how to crack it. Watch out especially as you're leaving.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, I have enough trouble with the old biddies on walkers at the Home. It was like herding sheep yesterday and they do better on walkers than I do. The handy man was putting up decorations and our resident nutjob was about to walk away with the ladder and leave him hanging on a length of tinsel. Next week we have the local prep school coming in to sing Christmas carols. But the big New Home is going to have everything including WiFi, I'm putting my name down now. And Ma hates it if I go in and don't badmouth her, she thinks she's really dying then.

R.H. said...

How true, being furious keeps you going.


Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

I consider deleting every second day.

Just walk away and take a breath and then come back and write a post like this to vent your spleen.

And know that if you left you would be desperately missed. I might not comment a lot, but I am reading x

Ann ODyne said...

Lovely books handed to me at the bar in the pub yesterday thank you.
Hels has made a redheads post Look here for my Prince Hot Ginge comment

JahTeh said...

Kelly, I couldn't find that Christmas light but I have a theory that every bloke in Melbourne raced out and bought every one. At least Macca's gave you a Christmas present.

Annie, you'll like those books, she worries about housesitting, animals, blokes but unlike you finds dead bodies. She also drinks.