Monday, December 21, 2015

I've been at the Home so nothing for it but to cat blog

 I want it but I want two spoons, one spoon always gets broken.

 I've just spoken to my sister, I'm with you Bill.

 Cute but no saucer, no spoon!  One must keep up standards of tea drinking.
Be okay for the Bombay Sapphire though.

 I really stand out in the crowd, give me a bad day and I'll stand on the crowd,

 Brilliant thinking outside the square but they would still find the one bauble under the couch and play with that at midnight.

I'm still thinking of using the cat as a Christmas decoration but I haven't quite got the plum colour right. I'm not cruel, I'm using solar lights since he spends most of the time flat out in the sun so he might as well recharge himself.
I will call him silver balls.


Elephant's Child said...

Love them. And could find a home here for them.
Unlike the living furs they probably don't moult either. Or wake me up before sparrow fart. Or spike me...

River said...

I love them all! Especially that decorated cat tower.
Angel would love it with all those scratching posts and places to sit and dream.
I almost didn't spot the cat in the penguin family though. I must be getting tired.

Andrew said...

I like the cup. I am quite good at breaking cup handles, unintentionally of course, but that one looks quite sturdy. Btw, something very spech arrived in the post :)

JahTeh said...

EC, mine is a well brung up cat, no snivelling until 8.30 but I can't do a thing about the silent eyes boring into the back of my head. He went totally ballistic when I rattled the Felix food you sent. If he could have mainlined it he would have and I had just staggered home with his $40 bag of special dental kibble. Ungrateful mongrel.

River, I though of Angel the minute I spotted that, I know how much he loves sparkly stuff to rip up and it's a brilliant idea for a tree. EC sent me a card with a steampunk penguin, terrific and I must scan it to post. Was Angel near your cards, the beast put his claw through the envelope and dragged it everywhere.

Andrew, for my two darling angels and their invisible guardian.

EC, I hope the huntsman sitting on the parcel was native to my letterbox and didn't come all the way from Canberra, I mean it could be a politician or something equally as nasty.

Elephant's Child said...

I don't think a politician would travel to your letterbox. No room for either the helicopter or the Comcar. So it probably was a homegrown huntsman.
Our cats would rather eat Felix than their other food at the moment too. Sigh.