Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I'm not a big lover of fan fiction.

I don't go looking for Hogwarts History or what happened after Volde turned to ashes and it's just a coincidence that the ticket for the express is one of my favourite wallpapers.  I mean there are times when I really want to be on that train and a long way from here but it's a dream that isn't going to come true.

But when I came across this about Kreacher and Dobby, I admit to a sob or two escaping maybe even four or five.  It's just the time of year when I get whacked out and tend to cry over the most ridiculous things.  Doesn't everyone sob when they drag the damn yellow recycle bin out and then find it's only Tuesday.  

I'm going to remember this and have it put in my will that when my nephew goes, socks will be put on his grave in memory of his philosophy that two holey socks when worn one over the other make a whole sock.  Dobby would agree.


River said...

Awww. Sniffles, wipes eyes.
That's sweet.

Elephant's Child said...

Drat you. I really didn't need sweaty eyeballs tonight.

JahTeh said...

I just loved this considering how vile Kreacher was when we first met him and the change when Harry showed kindness. I can't believe that some schools are still banning these books because they are about Satanism and black magic, some people will always be fools. Although I am reminded of Prof. Quirrell every time I look at Donald Trump's hair, perfect place for Voldemort to be hiding.