Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Penguins for Elephants

I went looking for a really good penguin photo for Elephant's child for her competition win and I was lost for hours.  Penguins everywhere and cute and I can't resist cute so you're getting cute penguin blog and liking it.

 How can you not keep calm watching penguins excepts with Attenborough who likes to draw your attention to every predator in the Southern Ocean chewing and chomping down on baby penguins. Not calming David!
 This is for calming sleep.  EC you will be dreaming of Antarctica and ice bergs and little swimmy friends all night.

And dreaming of all that water will bring about the usual consequences but I've got that covered as well.  That toilet roll holder is just the most and the only thing to make it better is a fishy voice screeching, "fill it up" when the roll runs out.

Just had to ask this question, do they have knees?  I mean they're a bit short on for legs so maybe knees aren't there but we should know this. We should know if penguins have knees.  And because this is keeping you up you should have a calming cup of something, gin, vodka, anything.

And while you are pondering the wisdom of penguins having knees, your cat is nicking your chocolate chip cookie and so it goes on, do cats have knees?


River said...

Liking it?
I'm loving it, love the crazy penguin lady mug!
I don't think I'd like a toilet roll holder that screeches at me.
Ninja kitty steals the cookie again.

Elephant's Child said...

Three out of four of the voices in my head are arguing. And should be asleep.
Love the penguins. As you knew.
The woman I bought your card from said she had drawn it thinking of her daughter...
And I would like something which reminds the other inhabitant of this house (well the one that uses toilet paper) that I am not the toilet paper fairy.

JahTeh said...

River, in days gone by, a reminder penguin would have been very handy especially if it also said, 'put the empty roll in the bin'. Did any of yours just leave one sheet of paper on the roll so that it was technically not empty?

EC, I loved that steampunk pengiun, straight to the pool room for that one.