Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jingle balls, bells, whatever

This is how Christmas should be, it isn't.  It's more like this.

And the kids aren't even out of school yet.  Do drivers put on a special ningnong hat for rolling the streets in December?  I'm counting busdrivers in this as well because I caught a bus yesterday and I swear he was sniggering as I tried to drop the loaded walker to the footpath when it looked like he wasn't going to lower the step.  He waited until the last possible moment to drop it and me and walker.
As if it wasn't bad enough that I was on my way to the Home and the crackers.  Someone has a rash and I wasn't the first to think 'little livestock a'wandering' or maybe a gift of herpes.  Someone  had to have their long pants cut off, too tight, too shrunk, too someone else's.  Mother and I had a relatively peaceful afternoon as there was an entertainment going on.  She was going on about her lovely rainbow lights all over the house and how it lit up the street so I bought her two little trees, one plastic and one glass with tiny baubles on the branches and they light up and change colour.  If they keep going until christmas Day, her brain should be nicely rooffied.  I wrapped up Doc Marvin's present from mother and since he's like me and likes to start reading a book the minute it's open, I predict a threat of divorce on Christmas morning.

I'd just seen him for blood test results, not as bad as they could have been. In an ideal world BGL 5 or 6 would have been perfect but as he said in my world of chaos, he'll accept 7.1. I was overjoyed as my monitor kept throwing up averages like 8.6.  Blood pressure was a little high but I had been on the phone with the sister who wanted to know if pensioners got a Christmas bonus.  We're fkn lucky to get a pension with this mob in Canberra.
One more stupid question like that and I will kick her in her knee replacement.

Southland wasn't too bad as I started at the top and worked my way down.  Don't bother with Black Opium, too fruity sweet and I did have a great spray while the assistant was helping another lady.  I'll stick with the old Opium.  And not too many gift sets from Estee Lauder this year which throws a spanner in the cheap works as they usually drop the prices after Christmas.  So to Aldi's to buy a fold up table, second attempt.  This one was only 6 feet long and folded in two, perfect if I had been Arnold Schwartznegger (did I miss an e).  I couldn't move the box, could not even slide it onto the trolley.  The girl asked if I wanted a man for assistance, well, yes, but only if he came home in the taxi with me and carried it into the house.  I bought a box of macadamia shortbread instead.  Nice tin, Doc Marvin likes tins so I'll give it to him from me, minus the shortbread.

I hate the heat already.

And I found out the drama queen white cat has never seen a balloon before. World record leap for his twitchiness, world record squeeze under the coffee table, followed by a record run for the back door.
He crawled in two hours later and gave new meaning to the word 'pussy foot'. I swear it took him 15 minutes to make it across the lounge to hide behind the couch.  I couldn't get a nice well adjusted moggie, I had to get a whacko with raw nerves.  I wonder what he'd do if I blew one up and then just let it go, better not, the room's in enough mess as it is.

Are we going to get Sydney's storm?  Any chance, even a small one preferably before the weekend?


Elephant's Child said...

Your posts are always a joy. Even when they aren't.
Thank you so much - and I hope you get some blessed relief from the heat. And the general insanity.

Jayne said...

I so wish we'd get a lovely storm and blessed relief!
Try cheap nail polish for your plum baubles.

JahTeh said...

EC, I've been watching the Canberra temperature to see how you are coping. I changed my mind about that storm after I watched the news last night, Sydney really copped a beating.

Hello Jayne, I hope the boy is doing well. Cheap nail polish I found in the right colour and forgot to go back and buy them. Rule No.1 at Southland, never backtrack. Problem with nail polish and baubles is that they must be glass or the polish melts them. I found that out the hard way. Glass balls, take off the little top and pour the polish inside and keep rolling the ball until it's all dry. They look great.

Jayne said...

I like the idea of the glass rolling with polish inside.
The boy is great. All 6 foot 3 of him.

River said...

Oh poor Ice Bear, spooked by a balloon. Angel gets a bit freaked whenever anything new appears, but gets over it pretty quick. Don't know how he would be with a balloon though.
Black Opium is fruity sweet? I must remember to test drive it next time I'm in DJs or Myer. I don't like the regular Opium, it smells wrong on me after a few hours.
That bus driver should e reported. You don't need his name or the bus number, just where you got on and off and the date and times. They'll look up who was driving that shift and hopefully put a boot where it will do the most good.
Our school kids are out already, the city and all suburban malls are jam packed with people. I hate it.
Hate the heat too, we're currently on day four of a six day heat wave, I heard on the news that a street surface melted in one of our northern suburbs, they showed the picture on TV. The same day Sydney had the tornado.
Nice to hear your mum is in good spirits for now.
Have you thought about getting a fold-up table delivered? it isn't the cheapest option, but you only have to pay it once and the delivery person will set it up where you want it.
I love that starry baubles gif.

River said...

Can you put up a picture of something plum coloured for reference sake? A lot of people have different ideas of what 'plum' is and I saw some baubles that I would call plum at the cheap as chips shop I was at last Tuesday. They're in a mixed pack with glittered balls, also 'plum' coloured. But I didn't buy the because I wasn't sure. Also don't know what size or how many you want. If they're for a wreath they'd have to be small?

JahTeh said...

Jayne, take that kid out of the manure, he's grown enough.

River, I have really felt for you in this heat. They say it's an unusual weather pattern and doesn't happen often. Aldi's do not deliver, they don't even pack your groceries at the end and still charge for the use of the trolley. Still I only wanted it not really needed it but I still want it.
I've found plum cheap nail polish and will make my own and I also found a cache of lovely pink baubles which I think was for a tree since they went from small to large with ribbon tucked between. This is why it's taking me so long to clean up, every box has to be investigated. I haven't found any money yet.