Sunday, December 13, 2015

My version of Sunday Selections

I want a conservatory at the front of the house but I really really want an attic NOW.  Is this the most fantastic attic conversion ever?  Of course I would have some trouble getting up the stairs but what are Stairmasters for.  On the other hand I could just steeple the roof over the sewing room to match the conservatory and then I wouldn't need stairs.  I wouldn't worry about the shoe racks not with my crummy collection of decrepit foot ware but it would just mean shelves for my frock fabric that I haven't cut out yet and my mohair rugs and doona covers.  I'm one short at the moment, I haven't had it long, bought it because the price was right and it had flowers and nothing else did but gah, it's so depressing to sleep under.  I spent an hour during another watching of Lord of the Rings to unpick the lot much to the disgust of the cat who hates Orcs and likes to sit on my knee if Orcs are around.  I might not be able to sleep under it but it will make a nice house dress which won't show the dropped chocolate bits off the Magnums.  The bottom half, kind of Khaki, that's depressing but it will end up as the back of a quilt some time this Millenium.

Now shoes are beginning to become a problem with the arthritic feet and scrunching bones and most of the fluid building on top of my feet.  I grabbed a cheap pair of sneakers at KMart which felt soft enough but the Chinese version of size 11 is 10 so I really needed a 12 and I should have gone over to the mens shoes, better for the width.  Even with two shoe horns I nearly broke both feet trying to get them on.  What did I expect for $8, well not much so I had a think as Pooh did when he got his head caught in the hunny jar and came up with something brilliant.  I cut the tongue and half the front out of the sneaker, nicely rounded off just before the beginning of the toes and the end of the fat fluid part of the busted foot.  Then I put the laces back through the holes, nice laces, black with little white spots, cute. They went on like a dream, laced up with too much skin showing, a bit like putting a corset on and trying to get a waist out of a Blue Whale.  But I walked to the shop for coffee and comfortable and didn't fall off but plain.  I am planning on sticking little flat pearls around the cut edges to look more elegant, less cheap but still like the fat hippo ballerinas from Fantasia.  I'll just have to try harder from the waist up.

And with all this dreaming of divine attics and space for frocks and stuff, I haven't started Christmas thinking or cards and I've already eaten Christmas Day's mince pies.  Haven't started the Christmas brooch tree, third year running so another Millenium project but at least I'll have room for it in the Attic.  Do you think I could get away with decorating a large white cat in a Christmas fashion? 


Elephant's Child said...

Of course you can get away with decorating a large white cat. With flair and panache.
Shoes are a problem aren't they? Sigh. I have resorted to menswear for some years now.

River said...

I finally gave up on buying skinny shoes a size too large to get the width across the ball of the feet, I found a shoe shop that makes shoes on a European last not the standard skinny English last. It's called Grundy's and the shoes are all wide and wider. Not cheap either, I blew an entire months grocery budget on a pair but they fit in length and width. I've worn them almost every day since.
I haven't even started on this year's mince pies. I have bought the extra flour and butter and sugar, but that's it so far.
I love your dressing room idea. I saw a house for sale online recently that had his and hers walk-in robes and I wanted to buy it so I could have a summer wardrobe and a winter one :)
thanks so much for joining in!!

R.H. said...

I get my shoes from Vinnies just down the road from here. It's right next to a cute little cafe where dogs are allowed in the annex. I've been in there but haven't taken my dogs because they're not well behaved. I've found out shoes only get really comfortable when they're falling apart. Worn out. Then you can't wear them to cute places. I want you to know that Coles are selling Christmas puddings in plastic bowls for $4.50. They're big, full of fruit. Marvellous value. If I find your address I'll mail you one instead of Pastor Herbert's CD.

Cafe tip: Never order anything you can't pronounce.

JahTeh said...

EC, looks like a trip to Adelaide for River's shoe shop. Even HomeyPeds are being made just that tiny bit smaller and I've noticed my feet ache when I wear the old ones because they have a slight heel. I need flat on the ground or that's where I end up. And don't you find that trainers have no give in them at all so trying to put them on easily is impossible.

River, what a genius, I never thought of Winter and Summer wardrobes. I actually need four seperate spaces, very good clothes in case anyone asks me out, good Winter and Summer, slobbing round the house and falling apart but still wearable and my archive of of things I will never fit into again but can't part with.

Robbert, I know all the pudding specials but I will pay full price for the one with the orange in the centre but only the small size. They are never as good as the puddings my mother made though and she only used a boiled fruit cake recipe. The secret is to boil them in cellophane which gets stronger the longer you boil it and never goes mouldy. And a case of sherry and a bottle of brandy.
I can't stand it, what did you order?

Andrew said...

Cards sent. Tree up. Some decoration. I licked the, they were self adhesive. I forgot. We've already eaten our Christmas mince pies three times, at least.

R.H. said...

It's nothing I've ever ordered, just modest advice from a working chap.
Those puddings are Coles brand, marvellous good value. Get one!

JahTeh said...

No one likes a smarty pants, Andrew. I can't help it if I'm still back in November and haven't caught up yet.

Robbert, too late, all gone by the time I arrived there today but the deluxe versions look divine.