Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stuff January

A short post to let you know I'm still here.....just.  January always brings some crap that makes my mind go into meltdown and it takes a while to regain equilibrium. (I don't care if that word is the proper meaning, I can spell the bloody thing)
Major cleaning and de-cluttering and moving of heavy books and heaving vac cleaner around the carpet  and that's only the entrance hall.
Now leaving for the Home and major de-cluttering of mother's things.  New owners are taking over on the 29th February and I don't want them to be telling her she has too much and she does. 
Other ghastlies, granddaughter mixed up with hideous cult type church in Brisbane and is in California to learn to be Minister and Missionary to spread the love and goodness of Teh Lord.
So if you want to give yourself the horrors, goggle Glory City Church, Brisbane but don't miss the other website debunking them.  And while you are there, do the same for the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California.  At least this mob gives out the prices of all their services and International students must pay up front and no refunds. Also pay for all their missionary trips and are encouraged to work part time in the poorest of the communities to help spread the love and drivel of Teh Lord.  Taking away part time jobs of the poorest people would help much.
This has led me to the newest invention of Facebook, crowd funding or crowd sourcing or the way I see it, electronic begging.  And believe me the girl is well and truly in and brainwashed all the way. It's another wonderful thing her mother has done for the world and if this thieving lying bitch is in with the cult church (which started in Brisbane) then she's in it for the money nothing else but dragging in my granddaughter with her is unforgivable. Although the kid has always had a missionary mind even at Catholic College. The elder granddaughter just travels the world  and I don't want to know when she goes to India and stays AirBnB in a country of ingrained rape culture.
Oh great, short post and everything pours out.
Have not even seen StarWars yet.


River said...

"Short post and everything pours out" and so it should. Keeping everything bottled up isn't good for you. Far better to tell someone, or many someones and get the virtual hugs you need. Although a real hug might be better, but my arms aren't long enough.
I'm so sorry to hear about your grand daughters, possibly, in time, they'll be home and safe again? At least you're able to help your mum.
I'm watching Haven, up to season three now and after that I have something called Galavant which looks interesting and funny.

Ann ODyne said...

oh dear Coppy. but as River so wisely said, better to let that all out here among friends. Those girls are smart and will See The [brighter] Light when a little older I am sure.
love & comiseration to you from the far west

JahTeh said...

River, helping mother has me crawling this morning with a lounge room full of stuff. Galavant has a 7.8 rating at IMDB but might be an acquired taste. I found a poster that said, Keep Calm and let Karma finish it off. I have been waiting for years for Karma to fix that vile bitch, still waiting.

Annie, that post from her public FB page shows a straight up brainwashed godbotherer and she's off for her second year of training with two more years to go. Something tells me that not only does she really like the missionary crap but is really more into the whole "we are your family" bit. The eldest is not into that at all, thinks it's bad and a danger. Of course airbnb in India isn't crazy at all.

iODyne said...

There is hope that the young two will come good by the age of 30 of course. Godbotherers mother and daughter seem to me to be typical of all noisy christians - hypocritical to the max, they espouse 'accept the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ into your heart and be saved from eternal damnation' while ignoring their own family and acting like complete shits. oh wait - their eternal damnation fear is the one the rest of us don't have. dead is dead you numbnuts. You dear Coppy have the brains and humour to can rise above it all of course. WE have faith of a superior type. x x