Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nearly made it, missed it by thaaat much.

Dear Andrew says his hangover is much better.

Next year I'm making this awesome reindeer for my pleasure and to terrify the cat.

Only StarWars  fans will get the joke.  And no, I haven't been to see the next instalment yet.
And I thought I'd give you a break from Harry.

Mother had a turn in the shower and was rushed back to bed and put on oxygen.  Now she's back on antibiotics.  She was okay Christmas Day but tired.  Her roomie died through the night, just went to sleep and bye bye.  Boxing Day, tired, so mother stayed in bed.  I was in the middle of dressing an angel doll, just getting into the sewing  of petticoats and lace which had to be done on the doll otherwise the porcelain arms can break when I got the call.  You know, oh don't come down, I'll be okay but she isn't until I walk in the room.  Bloody woman.  Doc Marvin was in today and can't believe how fast her lungs collapsed into infection because they were clear last week.
I have a few people to blame.  Don't come into a nursing home and slobber over the  residents, their immune system is shit and your germs aren't.  My sister and I don't kiss our mother, well if I kissed her she would think she was dying.  I've been saying this for 7 years, don't kiss them, you've had years to kiss them and if you haven't kissed them enough in that time then you aren't going to make up for it now. 

So now I'm back with Angel doll and it is not working.  Angel wings are different from fairy wings, fairy wings I can do, stupid angels, no.  To top it off, it's one of those CopperArt dolls from China where the dress is made for a standing up body but then they go and twist the body to make it look different from the other 4 million Angels they made that week.  I went into the sewing room and packed fabric in boxes and let the empty brain space do its work and I've got it and remembered how to stiffen the wings, hairspray.  I even found the white feathers I'd been looking for.  Hand beading is now going to be sticking on with glue beading.  I've cleaned up the beads and can't find a crystal or a pearl anywhere.  I'll go feed the cat and think on it.  Bloody woman couldn't wait until I'd finished to have another episode.


Elephant's Child said...

LOVE that reindeer. And the polar bear.
Indeed, don't kiss them. And don't visit either if you are coughing and spluttering. Which was pretty much the attitude we were brought up with about Mother's and Father's days. One day is not enough to make up for a years neglect. So we didn't celebrate it.
Good luck with the Angel doll.
And where is our Aaronovitch book. Sigh. I want it. Yesterday.

River said...

I love that reindeer, I'm keeping the picture and blowing it up to hang in my window next Christmas.
Sorry to hear about your Mum, hope she pulls through to welcome the new year.

Andrew said...

No hangover for me. Never thought about kissing in hospitals but it is a good point.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, I have another view of you for NY's day. It was a visitor with kids (very old English word for children, Saxon origins) and their mother encouraged them to kiss her even climbing on the bed. Dumb as a rock.

River, that reindeer just rocks it. I couldn't stop laughing at the tutu and the four ballet shoes. Of course mother will be here, the Terminator lives.

EC, Angel doll doing nicely, had a re-think and changed the lace which was too heavy which meant the little wings I had would now be in proportion. I swear that doll factory went through a ton of glue on every doll.
I keep checking my book status, it now says processing and underneath says awaiting publication and I ordered and paid in August. I was looking forward to it for my Christmas read.

Ann ODyne said...

love the Chandeldeer En Pointe thanks for the smile.
Ditto what everybody else said.
You are the only angel in this story my dear [think of an angel like that film where Travolta plays MICHAEL. I love that film. His Chain Chain Chain dance scene rocks]

JahTeh said...

Annie, her immune system is crap, she's almost permanently on antibiotics. When she was in the shower she could hear all this noise and asked the carer what it was. She replied, your lungs and you're going straight back to bed. And that good Christian woman in the other bed, came back Boxing Day, looked at Thelma's packed up things and said "Dead is she" and walked off, not even a small prayer. That's another on my hit list, keeping mum awake by reading the Bible until 2 in the morning and the light she uses is a halogen one. Damn thing can be seen from space.

iODyne said...

as with "Sydney racing identity" your "Good Christian Woman" is a label with lines I can read between.
reading until 2am in a CARE home should not be allowed FFS. dawn vengeance must be arranged.
massive love support and encouragement from out here in the paddocks.

Shilpa Chandrasekheran said...

Reindeer looks lovely
I will also try making one

Nikithar said...

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