Saturday, February 20, 2016

Climate change moves slowly

This is what happens with one little change and a period of time. Earth change doesn't dump on us all of a sudden unless we get hit with a great lump of space rock or the magnetic poles reverse.
The iceberg collision is here My favourite penguins have to be the Adelies and to see them fighting to keep their colony going makes me want to get out there and carry a few or I'll pay for Elephant's Child to do it for me. I don't like the cold and she loves it and penguins.

As you can see from the Map, Cape Denison is where Mawson's hut was built and where volunteers are now reclaiming them from years of ice coverage.  It will take a lot more to save the Adelies.

And just to add a brighter note, Warnie managed to get bitten on the head by a snake not on the bum by a spider as I had hoped but still it hurt and Elephant's Child will laugh and not cry about the penguins.


JahTeh said...

The penguins ate your comment.

River said...

Isn't there some way to break up the iceberg? I've seen, (in movies or documentaries, can't remember which), ships that are built to ram through and break up ice at the north pole, can't the same be done at the South Pole? Why aren't conservationists lobbying their governments to get something done about that iceberg?
I feel awful about losing those sweet little penguins.

JahTeh said...

I blogged about the collision at the time and it's stuck fast on the bottom of the sea. The only hope is a warm current that would cause a melting enough for it to move but that would cause it's own problems. So stuck it is and when you work out the dimensions of the berg and the depth of the sea, it's really big and even I couldn't drink that much gin. I'm sure in my files somewhere I have hard copies of satellite photos. Click the link to Wiki and see how much people care, all whining because they couldn't get to Mawson's Hut for the anniversary.

Follett's book 'Ice' was a thriller and the iceberg was this big, got stuck on the seafloor then suddenly surfaced and headed for New York where they had to try and melt it before it crashed into the land. I re-read it again because I always forget how they got it to melt. It was a good read.

Elephant's Child said...

I saw that and did indeed weep. Floods of tears. Enought to raise the water table here.
Warnie was bitten? I hope the snake is ok.

Elephant's Child said...

PS: I saw that the delightful and well educated gentleman was paid $3 million to appear on the show. Hiss and spit.

Andrew said...

I can think of a place Warnie could be bitten by a snake that might keep him out of action for a bit. EC is an old hand at Antarctica, as you would know. We'll send her. The penguins plight can be almost certainly blamed on what we humans have done and still do.

JahTeh said...

EC, 3 million for that lout? 3 million would have sent you on a penguin rescue mission with coin to spare.

Andrew, Won't someone think of the snake, after all that appendage has been in some very strange places.

Davoh said...

A different perspective, perhaps .... but 150,000 penguins VS TOO many Millions of people from the "Middle East"...... Dunno about you lot - but methinks the penguins cannot apply for Asylum.