Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I already feel drunk so I might as well drag out the Bombay

Podiatrist this morning so happy to wake up at 6.30 for a shower since it takes forever to scrub feet without falling over.  I tell you one day I will have a shower recess with no door and room for a large chair.
Feed the cat and throw it out the back door because it's been out all night playing around with leaves under the full moon.  Doing that irritating little dance of coming up to the door and then scooting  off again.  I gave up in the finish and left the door ajar hoping the axe murders were busy on the other side of town.
Breakfast so I can take the vile antibiotics with the five pages of side affects and turn on the news. So when did 6.30 suddenly turn into 5 past 9.  Check the bedroom clock, battery is fritzed. I can never get knickers or shoes on when I panic about time.  And the phone rings, Flaming Mo wants to come and measure up for the heater.  He'll be here about 9 tomorrow morning.
Taxi was quick. So glad I didn't spend a lot on a walker now I don't worry about the clanks and bangs as it's thrown in the back seat.  Lots of cars at the clinic, not much space and I trip on the gutter and fall into a line of garbage bins.  Little old lady approx. age of 120 helps me up while driver gets out the walker and barely hides his hysteria.
Good news, my feet are in spendid order.  Barely a callous, no cracks and we've given up on the toenail that's been ripped out 3 times.  It's truly cactus and I'd have been burnt as a witch in the days of the Devil's mark on sweet looking rich ladies.
Walk to the bus stop and remember not to catch the bus to Dandenong this time.  Driver I did get obviously trained at the kamikazi school of passenger bruising.  And how am I supposed to read the Myki balance which is floating in a sea of muck.  Another little old lady helped my walker off the bus.  I'm starting to think my natural red hair might need a touch up.  Also remembered not to take the walker up the escalator and went to the lift.  The lady in the wheelchair behind me was almost crunched because the door slammed too fast.  The button panel inside was like the control panel of a 747 but I finally found the open symbols.  Then we both stood inside trying to decide which button to push for the 3rd floor because button 5 had all the things we wanted.  As chicks we can think laterally and pushed every button and looked at every floor until we recognized a familiar shop.
Lunch with coffee and walnut sponge was delicious.
I bought one pair of earrings, clip, great brand which I've been wearing since the 70s.
I picked up the script I'd missed the other day.
I managed to get down the travelvator without incident or accident. Count that as miraculous.
Taxi and the Home where mother hoped I'd brought a strong bag to take home the bloody garden gnome in case the new owners tossed him out.  I'd like to see them move the bird bath with the 20kgs of rocks we put in so the residents couldn't push it over.
Now I'm going to rat through the freezer and find an ice-cream, there's always one sneaking under the frozen peas.

Countdown 12 days and she hits 86.


River said...

86! She's really hanging in there.
Good to hear your feet are in good shape. Why has the toenail been removed three times?
I don't have any cracks, but I have callouses that I file/scrape away at for hours when I remember and a corn on my pinky toe which needs removing as it is painful far too often. The corn, not the toe.
I like hearing about your travels by taxi, bus etc and I really like the sound of coffee with walnut sponge.
I hope you get your wish for a larger shower, and soonish too.

JahTeh said...

River, that cake was so light it almost floated to my mouth and it wasn't overly sweet.

I tripped on bricks, my neighbour let a runaway garbage bin go across my toe and the last was dropping a can of soup on it. The blood clot underneath took ages to grow out so the nail wouldn't set back into place.

I need the chair for balance, if I shut my eyes in the shower I lose it completely and I have tried wearing my glasses but that didn't work. You should see my file on showers and bathrooms.

Elephant's Child said...

My feet are cracked. And dealing with them is often beyond my balancing skills. Sigh.
Your mama is obviously aiming for a telegram from our Liz. She keeps on keeping on doesn't she?

Andrew said...

That was a big day. Get the government to pay for an appropriate shower.

JahTeh said...

EC, you must get yourself to a podiatrist, it's a luxury but worth it. Check your medical insurance and see if you get a refund. It's lovely not having to be a contortionist to cut nails and get those cracks smoothed away.

Andrew, I'd be lucky to get a rail put on the wall by this council. I'm ripping out the bath to make a huge shower part with shower head at one end and hand held shower hose at the other and a nice big chair to sit in for scrubbing the feet and washing hair. I have the gilt mirror and just need the shelves put in and they will only hold on object, nothing is going to be pushed to the back and forgotten. Towell racks on one wall and a built in seat for me to sit and dry feet. I can just see government money going on that lot.

R.H. said...

Another big woman classic. I didn't realise you are so decrepit. Maybe you should pay someone to push you around on a hand truck like in Silence of the Lambs.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, are you applying for the job? I have balance problems, decrepit left foot and smashed arthritis bones in the right foot, nothing problematic, I can still get the lid off the gin.

Davoh said...

JT, why do i bother ... coming back to see what you are up to?

(um, don't bother about me. seem to have a motor vehicle that sort of allows me to get to a pub which sells cheap Port. Ah - some things change - some stay the same).

Davoh said...

O ... a job applicationb ??? Could i spend the rest of my life "dedicated" to one person and one only? Ah, apparently Nup.

JahTeh said...

Good old Davoh, cheap port, tanning yourself from the inside out.
I'm having trouble dedicating my life to the cat never mind a bloke.