Sunday, February 14, 2016

Science is not boring so watch and learn

I think I lost a few brain cells trying to get this Youtube on the blog so even if you don't like science stuff, stick with it and watch.
Such a simple device that could do so much good in the world and the scientists involved spend half their time begging for funds.  What else would you expect with a government that can barely spell science but can spell 'unemployed' to scientists at the CSIRO.
With the Zika virus now running rampant across the world, it's a shame that this is not at every airport where a simple test would detect an infected person before they entered the country.

The mining boom is over, the time of the science boom should be beginning.  It wouldn't even leave giant holes in the ground but it would save people.  But testing takes time and money before a profit is realized so the scientists are right back to begging.

 But here's a thought, since James is throwing his money, $10 million it's rumoured, away on a diamond ring for his current singing bimbo perhaps he could throw a few bucks for a much better cause and help 10 million people.


River said...

I like science, I just don't understand most of it. I think he's on to something though with his spectrometer.
Perhaps they could lobby James Packer somehow?
I've seen Mariah's diamond ring and think it's beautiful, but $10 million is a heck of a lot of money for a chunk of carbonised coal.
I thought about emailing James Packer and asking if he could toss away a little extra in my direction, but can't find his email address.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi JT,

Science is AMAZING! I loved it at school and still read geeky science stuff when I get the chance.

My God! Who in their right mind would get engaged to Mariah Carey? He's a little mad, I suspect.




Elephant's Child said...

How I wish as a nation we could see the benefits of investing in science, in education, and in things which aren't war related. Or coal related either.

JahTeh said...

River, the only thing James Packer would invest in is Casinos or weight loss. Go back and have another look at the video and watch for when he puts the liquid drop suspended in mid-air. I blogged that way back when, it's called acoustic levitation and it was invented for tests in space where liquid wouldn't stay in a jar.

Plasman, Associate Professor Wood was in the team that got our Synchrotron built in Melbourne and that was because we had one politician with a brain. Got booted out of office of course, can't have brains running the government.
I can't think why she's marrying him and don't get me started on Jerry Hall and Murdoch.

El Chi, with TurnBot running the business nothing will happen with science. Now we have Barmy Joyce as second in command the country is starting to look like a 'Carry on' movie. I can't wait for the Ides of March to see who gets the knife.

River said...

I remember the acoustic levitation and it is just so cool! I love science.

Ann ODyne said...

"Carry On Stuffing Australia" with DAME Barbara Windsor as The Foreign Minister.

and Yes, ditto from me on what everyone above said. That diamond is larger than Mariah's brain of course. James is at least consistent - his 2 previous wives both had huge assets.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, even for that diamond, I wouldn't touch him with a flag pole waving a roulette wheel.
I haven't seen him carting her twins around yet, dear little Morroco and Monroe. Should have been up for child abuse but then along comes North and Saint and we thought Apple was nuts.