Saturday, October 15, 2016

Remember the old days?

 Those days when I would post skimpy vampy costumes for all of us on Halloween unfortunately we've all put on a little weight and those skimpies would have us arrested on sight.
But shoes we can get away with and are these the weirdest shoes ever?

I am not a snake person and these would give me the horrors especially if the Cobra heads moved as I walked.  Frighten the hell out of snotty kids trying to lift my sweeties.

Oh mine, mine. People have always said I had a big mouth and a sharp tongue but they go so well with those shifty eyes.  Tongue looks a bit long, I can see me stepping on it and doing an A over T.

Now this is why I go to a podiatrist.  My nails end up looking like this if I leave the visits too long between. No, I'm not going to call them my 'kicking kiddy' boots but my wicked side longs for a quick jab just for the fun of it.  I'm old and nasty and so are these boots.

I want these framed only because they remind me of my son.  His sneakers could be brand new on Monday and look like this on Friday.  Since I'm now reduced to wearing sneakers because of damn painful feet, I want to wear these.  People would never turn their heads at my beauty but hell's bells they'd do a double take at my exquisite footwear.  And no, it's not another 'kiddy biter' boot, I don't hate kids, just loathe the little ferrets because they can use an iPhone and I can't.


Elephant's Child said...

The shoe loving gene has largely passed me by (perhaps because my hoofers are so large) but some of these fill me with lust.
But no, NOT the snake boots.

Elephant's Child said...

You are so right about that tongue though. Base over apex for sure.

River said...

I'd wear those crocodile sneakers too! What a hoot :)

Andrew said...

I love the last pair. I want some.

JahTeh said...

EC, those snake boots would be a hoot, winding from side to side. For Halloween I would stick a Barbie in each mouth.

River, I'm artistic but not that much or they would be yours. You'd never have to wait for a seat on the bus.

Andrew, I've posted something a little more glamorous for you, at your age you can't let the standards drop or anything else.