Friday, February 17, 2017

Don't go shopping after speaking with mother.

My birthday is in July, you have time to practice and save up for the shipping.  I was saving this for another post but since my taxi nearly got wiped out by a chocolate truck this afternoon, I felt it was appropriate.
Work was being done on the gutters and the road is divided by a concrete and tree arrangement, the truck felt it didn't have enough room so without a signal it swerved in front of us, rounded the divide and swerved back in front of us.  I swear there was only a gnat's whisker between truck and taxi. Since he didn't slow down in the swerve, I have visions of the back of the truck being a full mixed box.

And mother, dear mother, almost permanently on oxygen or she turns a delightful shade of blue, has decided she doesn't want the glasses that were ordered and I don't blame her.  She always has a slight pink tinge to cut down the glare and the pair that came this week had lens of lovely Cartland pink. I even attended the Relatives and Residents meeting to voice complaints but copped one of the bigwigs
of the Aged Care group going on and on about Dementia.  It would have been useful for the relatives but his audience except 4 had Dementia but it was a captive audience until I'd had enough and told him my mother didn't have Dementia when she came to the Home and he said it often developed as they aged.  I said he was missing the point, that this Home was for high care residents who couldn't walk or look after themselves because of physical trauma but now they are still bedridden or in wheel chairs in a place where the demented can walk around and terrorise them.  My dramatic exit was somewhat diminished by having to be levered out of the too small chair.  Of course mother was pleased that I spoke up and then told me if anyone came near her she could always poke their eye out with her Chinese fan.  So glad you're not in any danger from the demented.  

The point of all this is that she wants her optomotrist from two years back. She knows her first name but not the second. Her friend wants her back as well, she knows the first name but not the second and by the time I got off the phone, they couldn't agree on the first name.  Finally I've found her name in the cheque book.  It was October 2014, okay so we'll go for 2 years ago and Lens and frames cost $285 with the blush tint. This time I was told over the phone, $500 and everyone was charged $500 including the residents with dementia.  Please let dear Susan be still in business or I'll go totally round the a chocolate truck. 


River said...

July? Which end? Wait, you're a Leo, that makes it after mid July.

I certainly hope you can find mum's old optometrist, or at least get a copy of her prescription from there to give to someone new, if Susan can't be found.

That tower of chocolate cakes looks delicious, if you're hoping I'll bake something similar for your birthday you are sadly mistaken. Taste testing would see you receiving a bunch of empty paper cases in the mail.

Andrew said...

Oh, I found the rest of your post quite interesting and bugger, I have now forgotten when it is your birthday.

Ann ODyne said...

My Specsavers happily faxed my prescription to another place when I was in a visual jam. and they are inexpensive too. is there no Specsavers near you? $500 is a criminal act. Try to not even think about chocolate. love and encouragement from way way out west

JahTeh said...

River, found the name in the cheque book and I'll ring on Monday and it was mother who told them to cancel the order and there were others at the Home who did the same thing. They were very unprofessional. Mum's roomie is blind but wears her glasses because she's used to them so the dill held up 5 fingers and asked her how many then took her glasses but now has lost them.

Andrew of course I will remind you closer to the time. After the meeting I get the feeling that this Home is going all Dementia. There are only 3 residents of the original lot when mum went in and carers coming in don't know how demanding High Care nursing is so they can't do it properly. It's a bit rich when mum is on oxygen and ventolin and she's telling them how to make her bed.

Annie O, Susan has looked after her since she went into the Home and this is what I'm on about all the time, continuity of care. Susan can look up her file, and know how much mum's eyes have deteriorated where this twit didn't have a clue. The criminal act is testing people who have dementia but no family to intervene. Those rotten nurses use me to terrify the newbies, I can't understand why. Don't you just love my mother and her Chinese fan of death.