Monday, March 27, 2017

All thanks to Malcolm the Moron, master of the nbn

Well,I sit down and ring the number given to me last week for a tech wizard to come and see where to put the nbn connection box.  This is Telstra, this is not for nbn but I will connect you when you stop the hysterical screaming.

Five minutes later, she comes back to the phone.  She is terribly sorry but I will have to ring nbn number again in two hours......and here comes the screaming again.....because their computers are down.   I think I have rung 3 times and the computers are still not working.  Doesn't that give you a wonderful feeling about the nbn and all the joys of its speed we've been promised.

The ritzy booklet tells me to join gen nbn today to avoid disconnection.
It tells me to find the providers in my area or online at coming.
nbn does not charge for a standard installation......what utter crap.  Tell me what 45 year old house is set up for an easy installation, bloody Malcolm and his copper wires.

My equipment setup.
Outside - an nbn connection box
Inside - Coaxial wall outlet to the splitter coaxial cable to your pay tv
             Another long coaxial cable to your own service provider's router and then to your homephone
             From the power outlet a power adapter which plugs along with the long coaxial cable into the nbn connection box.

Somewhere in there, nbn provides the boxes and my service provider supplies the router and Ethernet cable to connect my internet and phone devices as required.

My study is nowhere near any of the two phone connections.

And I did not understand anything I just wrote.

No idea what plan I will need, well I do, cheap.

I feel a scream coming on again, even the cat hasn't dared come near me whining for food.
I would really like a handful of fibre optics, should look great sticking out of various Malcolm orifices or should that be orifi, somewhere hurtable anyway.                                                                                               

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