Saturday, March 25, 2017

You must read this or I will cry, I'm very teary.

I couldn't find this on Youtube but it's only been showing on ABC 24 today.  I have written about
this experiment before but this is the first time it's been on the road for field studies.  Asssociate Professor Wood is a friend of mine and he and two other scientists have been working for years to get this testing kit funded and on the market.  Read right through as this is going to have an impact on us when warm area virus carrying mosquitos start to head down the coast.  Ross River Fever is already with us, who knows what will come next.

I hate humidity and I felt breathless just looking at the team working with the local villagers. 
The team have had to beg and scrounge for funding and I don't know how they had the patience to try and explain to politicians the science behind this technology.  If I knew how to I would email this article to every brainless twit in Parliament except our Pauline who would immediately condemn the mozzies as a muslim plot.

So take a minute and read the article.  If the link doesn't work, ABC news on line has it. 

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JahTeh said...

Don't yell at me, just type in the link or go to the ABC on line news. I swear I couldn't cut my wrists everything has gone so wrong.