Monday, March 06, 2017

She made it

Prognosis when she entered the Nursing Home was 4 to 6 months, seven years ago.  Today she makes eighty-seven years old and a great great Grandmother.  It makes me half dead.  She looked okay with little Clio which was back in December but now she is on oxygen most of the time but her mouth still moves. I turned up yesterday with an old friend of the Home and it was, Mel, could you please move that box and put that rug up there.  There was also another old friend of the Home and a grand reunion was in full swing which is why we picked yesterday instead of today.  The Homies could take a tour and see what's been done, see whoever is still breathing and both said it was a different atmosphere.  Except for one thing, no staff.  The girls on the floor were excellent but there were not enough if an emergency occurred.
Because she had a willing slave to command, it was Mel who went through the cupboards and loaded me up with stuff to cart home. I could barely lift the bag and I warned the cab driver before he copped a hernia.  I stopped at the corner shop to buy a paper and have a reviving cup of coffee and sat in the Autumn sun, lovely until I had to walk home. 
Really looking forward to another year of living two lives.


Elephant's Child said...

I hope that you got a birthday present as well. Your two lives deserve/demand some compensation.

River said...

Has she really been there seven years already?? It doesn't seem that long at all.
I'll buy a lotto ticket and write your name on it, if it wins you can go back and forth in a limo.

Davoh said...


Andrew said...

Rumours of your mother's death have been around for a long time. The worst thing is you have her genes and you will live to be very old and I will be dead while you are still moaning on about taxi cab drivers.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, I had cake and her cake as well. Nice to see the old gang turn up for her.

River, it's nearly 7 and a half years. Three came in last week and left forever the next day but she keeps on keeping.

Davoh, we're all getting old, it's the blogging that keeps us young, Facebook with kill you though.

Andrew, you'll live long and happy, except if I'm in your will then all bets are off.
I don't know what this government is doing with the cab licences but my regular drivers better not disappear overnight and I have to train a new lot.

Ann ODyne said...

oh isn't Andrew Cameraface just too funny. He has a mum as well.
Yours should not have So Much Stuff. You obviously take very very good care of her.
Did your sister bake her a cake?
We all need you to take care of yourself.
x x x

R.H. said...

Good heavens, this blog business is still running?

Well Hi cutiepies from poor RH, in a land of blowflies and mice. Yes well I got this place cheap. Seems I forgot what cheap means.