Monday, February 04, 2019

More trouble.

Unbelievable Monday.

I rang to make the appointment at the main Cemetary and they have no record of me owning the family grave.  
Apparently  there was a new mob take over and papers have gone missing.
Fortunately or unfortunately I only have my handwritten letters (no computer then) for the relo's to copy out and no Stat Dec anywhere.  That was in July 2000 when I found out ownership could be transferred to another member of the family.
I can't bury mother until it's sorted.
I can't close the bank accounts because Centrelink hasn't confirmed the last payment is legal.
The Death Certificate hasn't arrrived.

I have a nervous twitch in one eye that just won't stop.
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and panicked because there was no time in the morning, idiot me, I don't have to have one in the morning to rush down to the Home for the afternoon.
I have an appointment on Thursday for the Cemetary to sort out the missing paperwork and thanks to my hoarding I still have the receipts for the grave and the plaques from 1996.

I'm really going to have to start drinking.


Elephant's Child said...

I am so glad that you have those receipts. And hope that this insanity ends. Soon.
I am not surprised your mind still tells you that you have to have the afternoon free to go to the Home, a habit of many years is not easily broken.

River said...

Thank heavens for hoarding, and thank heavens you can actually find stuff you need. Don't start drinking just yet, get everything sorted first, then drink with a clear conscience. Or something.
Isn't it funny how quickly bureaucracy works when it wants your money, but slows down to glacier speed when doing things for you.

Cheryl said...

I really hope everything settles down and so good you kept all your receipts, I always do too, never know when they might be needed.I hope your eye gets better quickly, could be due to stress.

Andrew said...

A nervous twitch in eye of a comingly female can be quite attractive.

Ann ODyne said...

oh isn't Highriser fabulous?

About your fasciculation .... You need to read this - it blames stress and coffee

stop that tic

Glad you have the receipts. Wish I could see their faces when you slap them down an say "Just give the damn grave, I'm griefstricken and could do anything"

JahTeh said...

El Chi, the most annoying thing is when I find out something rotten about some one that we both disliked and I grab the phone to have a snark about it and I can't phone Heaven. I have not yet resorted to standing in front of the wardrobe and telling her about it anyway.

River, last night I went through every photo album and the big box that came 10 years ago when she went into the Home and I found 3 photos of the grave but they were taken with my old camera and the writing on my father's plaque doesn't show up. On Thursday I'm going to stagger across the road to the Stonemason's and tell them if they want the job to go and photograph and measure up the grave themselves. By the time I finish
at the Cemetary I'll look like I'm on my last legs and half crazy.

CG, It's not twitching today but I have a migraine sneaking up on the other side or it's blood pressure and a stroke. I'll get no sympathy from the Doc who'll be laughing too much at the cemetary botch-up. Going to be funny if they want another Stat Dec since everyone is dead.

You'd look quite attractive through a nervous eye twitch, Camera Face. I hope you're taking notes of all this after death rubbish and sneaking papers out of your mother's home now. I remembered last night I still haven't rung the Electoral Office and I want to dob in Mercy Health for not letting her vote at the last election when she was quite capable of doing so.

Annie O, don't encourage him. The tic has stopped, I'm now worried about a stress induce stroke. Since the Government has gone through all of my records and changed my name to my first name which I never use, it's mucked up everything and I'm dealing with 2 cemetaries here and one lot of records that go back to about 1860.
You'll hear the swearing if I find out that they've out-sourced the paper work to an American company to put it in the Cloud. I think I'll go with the stressed out bag lady look on the walker with the wonky wheel.

Ann ODyne said...

Dear stressed-out bag lady,
1. damn your bloody sister who has been no help at all for a decade,
2. my friend whose Chinese neighbour calls Facility, has a special Centrelink cardigan, long with pockets and a hole. First impressions are everything.

Beth Waltz said...

Dear JahTeh, I do hope you've shared news of the cemetery botch-up with your good Doc -- and taken whatever he's prescribed for your stress. The "lost papers" dilemma is not new to me: some family plots in the countryside haven't been mapped since the early 19th century, hence the growing preference for cremation and scattering the ashes "there" in a very private service.

My family learned that even holding the deed to a plot in a modern urban cemetery doesn't guarantee that the mausoleum laborers can find the proper address.
A funeral procession for an ancient aunt was paused so respects could be paid to a recent committal -- and the widower was horrified to discover his wife "missing". Turns out the workers had the correct crypt number, but did not know that unlike real estate plots, crypts are numbered left to right, to the end of the row, and then right to left below, and then left to right, etc. Since that kerfuffle, a family member has been delegated to remain behind and witness the crane operation...

I join Ann ODyne in wishing karmic justice upon your sister, and may you see it.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, have been meaning to email you but have a lovely dose of lung rot, 6 tablets a day, a puffer 4 times and living on lemonade icy poles. Doc Marvin has been twice and would have come again if I didn't feel better. Don't ask me why I don't think I'm sick until I'm flat on my back hacking up bits of lung. I wouldn't have had so much stress if it hadn't been for Mercy Health and the Doc has already refused to have another patient at that place. I see in that other comment that I couldn't read what was written on Dad's plaque but when I sat down in the cemetary office, it looked as clear as a bell, thanks dad.

Beth, they did a lovely job looking after me, coming to the house to pick up the ashes when I was sick and offered to reschedule but understood when I told them the date was St. Valentine's day. They sent photos of the whole process and it was a beautiful day.
I will post photos because there is an enormous grave next door which is sinking and it had been filled with sand again but in 25 years it keeps disapearing, that's a worry. I do have a map of all the graves and it's not a very big Cemetary but break that down to plots and it looks like a small town.

Ann ODyne said...

oh darling Coppy stress causes all sorts of other conditions so please go a bit zen and think that your Dad would hate you to work too hard on all this.
a friend just gave me book -
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - HarperCollins Canada
"Let's be honest, shit is f**ked and we have to live with it." In his wildly ... “The opposite of every other book. Don't try. Give up. Be wrong. Lower your standards.

Adie Das said...

Just found your blog via your funny comment on the Going Gently blog. What a terrible situation you describe here! I hope things are better now AND you will resume blogging. Love from Amsterdam

JahTeh said...

Welcome Adie Das, it sounds as though John will be the next one to be sick. I had the worse flu ever when a taxi driver sneezed full in my face.
But today is lovely, real autumn weather so I'm going out for fresh air. I haven't much choice the cat has already taken over the chair.

Christine said...

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