Sunday, February 03, 2019

Its not finished yet and she's still in the wardrobe.

First a lolcat. If I tried to do this with my cat the room would be trashed and as for a num-num spoon, he does have one absolute essential. He won't drink water if it's not in his blue 'Frozen' bowl with Olav on the bottom.

We have been promised a thunderstorm tonight and cool rain tomorrow.  I walked to the shop for coffee and a paper at 8.30 and it was like walking in hot sun at midday. Not a cloud in the sky and thank goodness for the one person in the street who has a low fence where I can gather my resources for the last part of the trek.  I have not been a sporty type since I could stand on my own two feet and 70 years on I haven't changed. On top of my greatest invention list is the tv remote control, without that I'd probably break a leg getting to the turn off button every time a poncy politician hits the screen.

I am still waiting for Centrelink to send a letter telling me the last payment is mine and that will pay for the grave plaque. Next week I'll make an appointment with one cemetary to organize the other cemetary for the interment and since I'll be the one bringing mum I can suit myself as to what time.  I can photograph the grave at the same time for the stonemason. This is why I refuse to rush into things these days.  It's important to bury her but the plaque can wait a bit longer and so can my sister.

She can't understand why everything isn't finished yet. She must be desperate, she gave me her bank account number, put in money asap.  I'll run around in the stinking heat while you paddle in the pool in 28 degrees with a sea breeze. They haven't even had any flood waters or rain and I was really hoping for a crocodile in the pool.  

And as hot as it is I'm glad I'm not in Chicago.  For the last few years  I have encouraged Elephant's Child to go out in the freezing weather in Canberra and blow soap bubbles to freeze them.  She had a good success last year but Chicago is the place. I watched the news as bubbles were blown and froze in mid-air in gorgeous patterns. I  also watched buckets of water thrown and frozen before it hit the ground. A complete waste unless a politician was standing right in front of the bucket. 

I think I'll gather my strength and fix some ice coffee, and I'll have one for all of you as well.


Elephant's Child said...

You will be totally unsurprised to hear I looked at Chicago with longing.
Hot and horrid here today again. 93 per cent humidity at six in the morning, and not a hint of rain.
I hope you get your cooling storm. Your sister can definitely wait. I suspect I wouldn't be rushing to tell her when you have finished either.

River said...

Don't bother with an iced coffee for me, I don't like the stuff. My coffee has to be hot. I'm currently eating a giant slice of chocolate cake for you. Because it doesn't have calories if I eat it for someone else. My neighbour baked it a brought me a slice. it even has chocolate icing.
At least Bear drinks from a bowl. I have two bowls out for Lola, one in the kitchen and one in the back porch, but she insists on me turning on the shower to dribble water along the floor to drink from, and it must be still running or she walks away.
I don't think your mother minds being in the wardrobe for a while longer.

Cheryl said...

I know a very cute cat who I should get a "frozen" bowl for his water to go in when he comes to visit,instead of the chipped ceramic bowl that I use now. I think your sister seems to be in a hurry now but not in a hurry to help you, it happened like that in my family too. I love iced coffee, there's nothing nicer on a hot day, except maybe a ginger beer with lots of ice.Take care and keep cool :)

JahTeh said...

El Chi, I thought of you as soon as I saw that snow. And if that's what Canberra is like now, wait until all the hot air starts coming out of Parliament House. We didn't get a storm last night but the temperature plunged which was lovely.

River, you're lucky I don't like chocolate cake. Damn cats, I fill his dish with boiled water and he goes outside and drinks the filthy birds water. Mother will be in the wardrobe for some time if the cemetary doesnt get it's act together.

CG, it's a wonder the cat speaks to you, a chipped bowl, how rude. Ginger beer is supposed to be very good for arthritis but iced coffee with loads of vanilla ice cream is more luxurious. I'm about to phone sister dear and tell her I can't bury mother, that will be so good.

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