Monday, December 02, 2019

Sister in Yeppoon

If you embiggen this it will be huge but I had to try 3 different downloads until I could get it on Blogger.
My sister rang this morning, it was 9 o'clock Qld time and 10 in Melbourne, 40 degrees in Yeppoon and 15 degrees here which is why I was still in bed. I was cheeping like a budgie from asthma, frightened the postie when I opened the door, cough and bashed my forehead on the door frame.
Anyway back to the photo, it's a baby bat, the orange thing is the bat dummy to calm it down. She said not as many birds are coming for feed and they're picking up the bats in the back yard and taking them to the animal hospital.
Summer in Melbourne and 15 degrees and I'm freezing so the fire is on, kill me.

The way the world is now, I doubt that it will be here by the end of December so I ate my Christmas chocolates last night.
I hate cricket.
I hate reality shows.
I hate Christmas ads showing mountains of food that people can't afford.

I'll have to go looking for cute cat pictures or a breakdown is round the corner.


River said...

I thought it was a puppy she was holding.
I hate reality shows and cricket too, these days I only have the news on so I don't miss the weather report, and if I'm not going anywhere the next day I don't even bother with that. I have my AC on heat too, it's freezing here, the winds are from the south which is the way my back door faces and of course I have to keep that open so that Lady Lola can come and go from the back porch as she pleases. I haven't made any mince pies yet.

Elephant's Child said...

As you know I like the cold - but it sleeted on me this morning briefly. And while I like the cold I don't like dramatic swings. We are less than half Friday's temperature.
Add me to the no reality shows and no cricket brigade too.
Christmas is seeming like hard work at the moment.

Andrew said...

The bat looks different to the type we have here. Yes, the heating went on last night and is on again this morning and R is moaning on so much about the cold weather I am nearly at the point of telling him to go home Pom and see what the weather is like back in England.

Beth Waltz said...

Please view YT channel "Megabattie", dear JahTeh. Meg is a tiny dynamo who quit being a nurse "because she didn't like sick people." She posts her adventures as a bat rescuer almost daily -- and they're well worth watching. (Go ahead, ask me anything about Grey-headed flying foxes, Little Reds, or Blacks.)

JahTeh said...

River, I have the same problem, back sliding door must remain open for the fat lump to come and go as he pleases. Hate doing that in summer when the mosquito plagues invade.

El Chi, when it's cold I always think of you and how much you'll be enjoying it. New reality show for next year, Make over for dogs. Apparently they take scruffy dogs and do the whole wash and preen for a winner. Excuse me while I gag.

Andrew, I think they're fruit bats, they fill the night sky at sundown and look for blossoms. But Sis says only looks like half the number they usually see.

Beth, is this in Australia? I've never heard of it but then I only have free to air television. At the moment I'm addicted to renovation shows and building cabins from very old cabin woods, so many different kinds. Love the different language and accents.

Beth Waltz said...

Yes, Meg is definitely an Australian. She translates Aussie slang for the benefit of us Yanks, e.g., "squidgy" means a baby bat is slit-eyed and unwell; "sooky" means the little one is emotionally needy. Her channel is definitely a reality show as she rescues bats from every corner of her city -- in lightwells, on sidewalks, hanging on lampshades and curtain rods, clutching a potted plant -- and then there are the cross-country trips to transport babies to the creche-release facility. (She does NOT beg for donations; however, if one allows the commercials to run, her champagne fund benefits.)