Monday, December 09, 2019

A Christmas gift for me

I spent hours going through ebay looking for a blanket/storage box/seat and put all the favourites on the wish list for an overnight think.  Next morning I deleted all except one and that was horribly expensive and a bit too wide and bulky and a close look at the fabric was just eww. Delete. Start again in a more expensive style but the same thing, too large, bulky, shit fabric. Delete.

I didn't want to buy chairs for my dining table, I never invite anybody to eat from my kitchen in case their immune system isn't up to scratch.  The chairs these days are not well made, they never have stretchers between the back and front legs to give strength and they are so plain and ugly.  What I'm trying to do is lower the profile of the room but keep the chairs high so I can use them.  Some smartie from long ago said you should have one chair for comfort, 2 chairs for friendship and 3 chairs for company or something like that.

So I switched over to my favourite furniture store and with much ohhing and ahhing scrolled through old fashioned solid wood everything until I reached this.  And with fingers crossed I checked the measurements, it works.  It will slide under the table when not in use, it has a low profile, and I fit it.  The top lifts for music but it will be for my doillies which I was sending to the op shop but just couldn't find the strength to say goodbye.
It's the lovely shade of rosewood that I love.  I was straight into the fabric and found the raspberry and gold brocade but also the imperial purple and gold but the pink won out.
Lucky my upholsterer lives next door.

The money came out of Mother's inheritance and I have been very careful with that. She would have loved this.  She would have loved the entire shop. She would have gone crazy on ebay but, like me, she loved old furniture.  I already have it, the seller rang yesterday and asked would I mind him delivering it in half an hour, joking, of course.  I love it, it was meant to live with me.  As soon as the glass cabinet moves to the sewing room I'll have a place that is exactly right.  And the man thanked me for being a 2nd time customer, if only he knew that if I had the money he'd have an empty shop. And there is a gorgeous writing desk but that is a reward for cleaning up a space to put it.

Thought it might be a bit tight but see where the arms bulge, perfect bum fit.


River said...

It's gorgeous! Happy sitting :)
what shop? I love to look at older style things that I can't afford to buy.

Elephant's Child said...

Capital WOW. That is absolutely gorgeous.

Andrew said...

Piano stools are so useful as a place to hide stuffs.

Ann ODyne said...

Yes. useful & attractive.

JahTeh said...

River, I forgot to get the name which is on ebay, too busy playing in the brocade box. I'd forgotten so many gorgeous fabrics in there. It's still in the hall under the ironing which I try not to look at.

El Chi, nobody wants this type of furniture any more which is why it's so inexpensive but such a nice solid carved tall boy or hall table is my type instead of crappy Ikea stuff.

Andrew, I tried but I couldn't fit all my money in the seat so back under the mattress. I wouldn't trust a bank these days.

Annie O, Even in a small house you could have one good piece as long as you had the perfect place for it. Next on the list is hauling mum's beautiful big square gold mirror out from under my bed and up on the lounge wall.

Beth Waltz said...

Well chosen, dear JahTeh! When we cleared the grandparents' household goods, I was surprised that their radio bench was quickly claimed by a very stylish young couple. They were unfamiliar with the piece's original function -- one sat upon it whilst tuning the gigantic console radio -- however, it met their need for a putting-on-boots seat in a small foyer. (Hmmm? Wonder if that's the original function of your sturdy seat? Do piano benches have arms?)