Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Post Blue Skies because we haven't any

I've really decided that this is the house for me. Natural light coming in all those windows and I just adore the tiny balcony at the top where my workroom is. Stairs, you ask, glass elevator will be installed. I love all the French Doors.

The kitchen, loving the pale green, hate the blind, changing that for heavy lace. It's a bit small so imagine it stretched across towards the Butler's Pantry on the right of the block.
Two minds about the Farm Sink, it can chip, it can be scratched and it does discolour with time.

And the sea view from the bedroom balcony.
Guests are welcome meaning you lot.
Bring your own booze.
Satin Pillow cases for the ladies.
Chaff bag for Highriser.


Elephant's Child said...

It is filled with light - which is wonderful. I do hope a cleaner is part of the package though.
So clear (or clean) skies here either.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, of course cleaners (plural) and window washer and cook. I am addicted to those renovation shows but none of the buyers of seaside homes ever ask about the last high tide or cyclone and I'm thinking of the water up to the second storey. I shouldn't say but American women have some of the worst voices ever. They could shatter diamonds.

Andrew said...

Chaff bag!!! You can keep your McMansion to yourself.

Beth Waltz said...

Dear JahTeh, all those porches will attract sea gulls. Since you've tempted me with the satin pillow cases, when you do acquire this desirable property with all mod cons (esp the elevator), I shall arrive well supplied with Windex and a supply of newspaper. You might consider installing a power washer -- for windows AND siding.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, just a precaution in case you hit your head on anything. I was watching 'Escape to the Country' last week and they had a ride on a gorgeous little train that volunteers had fixed up. On the scrap heap when they cut out the small lines in the 50s and regretted ever since. No noisy freeways but a tourist plan that would have roamed the whole of England just viewing the country side and the afternoon goodies didn't look bad either.

JahTeh said...

Beth, with the noise we'd be making, they'd move off. You can keep your windex, I will be employing a window washer,if I can afford the house and land I'll have enough loot for helpers. If you have a good look, the house isn't really all that large.
One of the joys of watching American shows is the difference between our two countries regarding buildings. Plastic window frames, no tiles but shingles on the roof and they all want granite bench tops but then walk into the bathroom and there is a shower curtain instead of glass. I always hated shower curtains, wet and clingy and always got mould around the bottom. I also love the cabins on the lakes but I've watched too many X-Files to live in one in the woods near a lake.

River said...

I do love that house so much, where can I buy it? I like that kitchen too and I would also change the blind for heavy, cream lace, but only a short ruffle at the top, perhaps one window pane depth.
Poor Andrew gets a chaff bag?? how about just plain cotton instead?

JahTeh said...

River, it's in my dreams and I love the paleness of the greens in the kitchen.
Poor Andrew falls over, bleeds everywhere and wants satin. I suppose black satin would do for him.