Monday, January 20, 2020

Rain, Hail, Dust darkness and Locusts in Africa.

Look what thoughts and prayers have brought us, Armageddon, thanks scooter you creep.
So we must have an antidote to Canberra's Liberals and this is it.  Even by itself, it's a divine opal and I would have like just a plain diamond surround but lovely that the gems have picked up all the colours of the opal.  When you look at your hand you can get an idea of how big that gem is. Luscious.  

 Not only am I addicted to renovation shows but "prospectors" gets me in with the joy of digging out a large piece of aquamarine or like the other night, a bi-colour Topaz. It has nothing to do with this object and I want it badly and I know River will want it and Elephant's Child will want it.  It's a revolving garden sphere, sun shining too much just move it a little around to the shade. Room for the Gin tray, laptop, afternoon tea with cakes.  Seat looks a bit hard, throw another cushion in.  Lovely light for twilight time reading.  Winter, you say well just a stone's throw away would be a nice fire pit to throw a bit of warmth. I haven't quite worked out if the table goes up and down to accommodate our various sizes but I think it's neat.  I have just the place for it.

Make this big and it is.  My sister's latest painting and those eyes are really sharp and on point. I'm not fond of dogs, too easy to fall over but I wouldn't want those eyes staring at me for too long. She's getting on well with the painting but is finding out what humidity feels like up north.  I'm going those dogs are really spooking me.


River said...

I love the revolving garden seat, but don't have anywhere to put it :(
Love the opal too, but not sure about the coloured stones.
The painting is good, but not something I'd hang in my home, it might scare Lola.

Beth Waltz said...

Dear JahTeh, the revolving garden seat is everything a gazebo should be -- but since I lack grace in sliding in and out of restaurant booths, I'll pass on this improvement to my patio.
I agree with you and River about the colored stones. An opal that big doesn't need it.
As for the painting, your sister has captured the intense stare of the wolfish canine breeds when they spot food afoot. (River is right about Lola's apprehension. These doggies do regard cats as snacks.)

Andrew said...

The dogs eyes look like embedded marbles.

JahTeh said...

River, Annie O'Dyne tells me there is a Kelpie show out west and this picture would go over a treat. I'll tell my sister.

Beth, this was what set me thinking about the table going up and down. I mean River would shot in no worries but I would have some trouble. It was just so unusual, I haven't seen anything like it. Perhaps we should go with the palatial square gazebo.

Andrew, I must put up the panther. She just used a white outline on black and that is really spooky. I hope you will like your apology for the chaff bag, next post.

Ann ODyne said...

the doggies are terrific.
You can angle park at the casterton shops & look up at 4 of them of the back of a truck.
This is Kelpie Country

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