Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I'm alive but winter is coming.

I'm back and can't imagine where May went when I wasn't looking.  I'm used to S.A.D. in winter and usually get out for enough sunshine before but not this year. It's been too cold and my bones don't function too well in cold. I couldn't even blog, brain had nothing in it so I wandered through ebay looking for something pretty but useless to cheer my self up.  And there is nothing quite so useless as a tiara but this was so pretty.  No doubt it will be covered with cobwebs by the time I dress one of dolls to wear it.

I did buy two lovely dining chairs, the very ones I wanted when I first started looking and a nice little chest of drawers.

The top is the same colour as the drawers, just the light from the camera. It is a really nice piece of furniture but what I really loved was the depth of the drawers, 47cm. A great size for scarves to lay out flat. I wasn't thinking about cupboards or drawers until I smacked my knee on the pine box that holds all my Christmas ornaments at the foot of the bed. Nothing like searing pain in the middle of the night.

Since my sister doesn't read this blog I feel safe with this photo.  Yeppoon had an enormous hailstorm last month and she had to run up from the lower flat to check on dear old Mary who hadn't noticed any storm. The height of fashion for Queensland, leopard skin wrap and a cereal box so the hail didn't crack her skull. At first I didn't notice she'd cut a square in the box and wondered how she could see to get up the stairs.  The back yard was covered in huge hail, I've never seen it that big in Melbourne.
She rang last week to tell me it was warmer in Melbourne than in Qld.

Following the rules, I haven't been out unless to the letter box. We have blue sky this afternoon but when I opened the front door I copped a lung full of chilled air that started the coughing and my eyes watering.  Whatever is in the letterbox can take its chances with the snails.  I think it's going to be a long winter.


River said...

I love the tiara :)
Not loving the chilled air though, like you, it sets me coughing. And coughing and coughing...
That's actually a 10 litre spring water box on sister's head, or maybe a smaller size, I think they also come in 5 lite=res but can't be sure. I buy my water in 10 litre boxes. Leopard skin wraps belong on leopards.

Elephant's Child said...

Love the tiara.
Not a fan of your sister's outfit.
And yes, winter IS coming. And I will welcome it. I hope that you and River can find away to avoid most of it.

Andrew said...

With a mail delivery every second day, you don't have to go out too often. The cardboard box was a good idea. I think we should all be wearing them when we are out.

JahTeh said...

River, I've been looking at that tiara for ages, it has copper wire and I don't think it would look anything in gold or silver. There was some sun today so I managed to get the bin out but had a shock at how much the trees have grown. It cost all my savings to get them cut last time and I'm not prepared to do that again.

El Chi, my sister is dressed in the height of Yeppoon fashion. It's like the rest of us in lockdown, no bras, knickers, uncombed hair and no shoes. It's going to be a pain to go out again. I saw the Canberra temp. the other day and thought of you enjoying it.

Andrew, Australia Post is making a mint with parcels especially to this place. I still don't want letters to be dropped though, a backward step that would be.

Beth Waltz said...

I once went shopping in a vintage clothing charity shoppe staffed by vintage saleswomen.
"Got any career clothes?" said I.
"So lucky you are, someone your size just died," said the tiny one with glasses.
"And with an eye for quality and taste, she had," said the tinier one with the neck tape.
They hustled me into a corner, hemmed me in with a clothes rack and gave good advice.
"The skirt fits perfect unless you sit down. So, riiiiiiiiiip!, we slit it here, tack it there, and you wear it with tights and tall boots. Chic enough for Chicago!"
"Hats? Hats? Who knows how to wear a hat? How to choose a hat? Nobody knows!"
And this from the experts who sold me a season's wardrobe for the price of a new coat.
Trust me, dear JahTeh, the box doesn't work with the leopard wrap.
The tiara, maybe.

JahTeh said...

Beth, I had beautiful hats, loved wearing them but found when I cut my hair, the hats fell down over my eyes. I did keep one for summer but the only thing that keeps it up is the fact that I now wear glasses. If I was very wealthy I would have my own cobbler to make beautiful shoes for my nobbly feet, luxury.

Helen Balcony said...

I actually like your sister more when I see her running around with the goon box on her head. Quirky!