Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Stupid Government

Now I hope you have all watched the previous video, if I've managed to get it right.
I forgot to post with it so it we go.

Prof. Wood and his collegues  (bugger spelling) based their hand held machine on the tri-corder from StarTrek.  It has taken them years to get it perfected mainly for Malaria but it can also be configured for different diseases and virus infections. It could have been at the gangplank of the Ruby Princess plague ship and every passenger and crew member would have been tested. How much money would have been saved, how many lives saved.
So why wasn't this on hand after so much research and work had been put into it? This Government's ignorance of any kind of science and non-belief of practical science, after all the machine doesn't do happy-clappy.  The scientists did their own work, taught Phd students, taught classes and most tiring of all, wrote Grants. Hours of begging for money to keep going.  It's really a shame that they couldn't disguise it as a football clubhouse or a statue of Captain Cook.

So watch the video, take notice of the Malaria deaths because as our climate changes, mosquitos will be moving south and coming for fresh blood. DDT was touted as the best killer of mozzies but it also killed off the bugs that ate them and didn't do much for our health either. And the malaria parasite would just look around and find another vector for it's particular life cycle and on it would go.

Every Government should not have just one Minister for Science, it should have at least one Minister and 20 minions to do the leg work and investigate every invention that might save us from another pandemic. Forget the Border Force, as we've seen, a bullet won't kill a virus but a good Medical Border Force in every port will do a better job.

And just to make you really happy, a programme on tonight said that some sharks could live for 400 years. All I could think of was Dutton and Morrisson floating around our Parliament for 400 years, frightening. 


Elephant's Child said...

Stupid, stupid guvermint. Who aren't getting any brighter.

JahTeh said...

Geez, none of them were ever bright in the first place. Look at Fries'n'burg and his $60B mistake. No doubt there wasn't a woman around to change the battery in his calculator.

Andrew said...

It is so disappointing that science and innovation takes such a back seat, especially as it is needed more than ever now.

River said...

Some sharks can live for 400 years? Now all we need is some scientist to look into their DNA and see if it can be transferred to compatible humans, since they're always trying to extend life anyway. but let them not choose me, I don't want to live that long. 100 years will do me just fine.

River said...

Also, what they^ all said.
Choosing sports over science and then wondering why the sciences aren't being chosen for school study...

Beth Waltz said...

Ah, but we have Dr. Fauci and a fat lot of good it's done us with the POTUS hogging the mic and suggesting we should drink the KoolAid/bleach. What does keep slipping into the dialogue is the notion that non-productive members of society -- very sick and they're almost dead anyway, right? -- shouldn't count in the death totals. Alrighty then, just wait and see how many of us high-risk elders manage to hobble into the polls and vote! Curse the covidiots!

JahTeh said...

Andrew, how many years have I been saying that? Now see what happens when a country relies on Tourism instead of industry. We should have both.

River, close up shark teeth are terrifying. I tell you I never went into the sea where I couldn't see the sand on the bottom. One prize of Covid-19 is the oceanographic underwater vehicle has to stay in Australia until the Pandemic cools off so we have the advantage of a load of exploration we would have missed.

Beth, I can't believe how the elections are being rigged already by not have walk-in voting booths. I can see a lot of people determined to vote this time and sticking out the waiting.
I hope that Biden selects Elizabeth Warren as his running mate because he doesn't look as well as he did this time last year. I don't think I've seen as many protesters around the White House since LBJ.

Ann ODyne said...

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Let 'em rip darling, & wishing you many more fabulous birthdays