Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Some men should be deleted for good.

I've removed the photos of my girls after the arrests of the disgusting ring of Pedos in Australia. I know my blog is only a small one with not many readers but I'm not taking any chances.

I'll be back soon. Almost broke a knee and still in pain but the Doc says to rest but get up and walk every half hour. It should be an hour since the first half is whining, screaming and moaning.

Pathology coming at 8 tomorrow morning to take a gallon of blood. Love that before breakfast. 


Elephant's Child said...

Another injury? I am so very sorry to read that.
And good luck with the vampires this morning.

Andrew said...

Sorry to hear you've injured yourself, again. By removing photos you are giving pedos a win. Pedos are not normal but sharing photos of loved ones is perfectly normal.

Beth Waltz said...

It's taken 5 tries to find an occupational therapist who actually looked at my long-ago-injured knee and listened to my history of strategies and treatments that had failed to yield the level of mobility I desired. Five tries: braces, bandages, diuretics, exercises and finally -- a sturdy young woman who offered me an acceptable trade of pain for flexibility.
It hurts because it moves! Dear JahTeh, please keep flexing those muscles and don't let the pill pushers lull you into "drowsiness that cause a fall."

River said...

Wise move to remove the photos. A gallon of blood before breakfast? Are they arriving at the crack of dawn? Or do you have breakfast at a more civilised hour, say around 10am?

JahTeh said...

El Chi, I have no idea what happened but it's only the tendons and stuff that hold both halves of the leg together. It will just take time.

Andrew, that would be okay if I had permission but I'd rather be careful since two of them were the little ones in the creek and no swimmers.

Beth, I take painkillers at night and ordinary paracetamol during the day. It's the first 5 minutes of standing up that is the killer. The trouble is that diabetes and osteo-athritis affects the tendons by tightening up the stretchiness. I just have to try and get some shoes on now that our lockdown is over. I will still be wearing my mask for another 6 months.

River, I was up at 6 to be ready at 8, notes everywhere to remind me to fill a bottle. She came at 10 but at least she came and I didn't have to struggle out. I was half way through a post on shoes which I will finish when I get a pair on my feet.