Thursday, October 01, 2020


 Another painting from my sister. Melbourne in Lockdown, I particularly like the dropped mask in the roadway. I'm wearing my mask for another 12 months just to make sure.  If it looks a bit crooked it's only because she has it propped up on a wall.  She's not taking chances either, Yeppoon is full of holiday makers, crowded the shops and the beaches. You can almost see the germs on them.

The cat and I have been out in the sun for two hours, a record for both of us. I was wearing two cloaks and a dressing gown, it's not quite warm enough for me yet.  It's supposed to be 27 degrees in the next few days, but 27 up north is not bearable according to my sister.  The apple tree is in bloom, covered in bees and a squadron of wasps, big ones.  The bad news is Daylight saving time starts on Sunday, crap, so it will probably rain next week.

It's the allergy season, thank you Mother Nature. Earthquakes all over, volcanoes going off and that photo of 5 hurricanes near Florida was awesome.  Poor California continues to burn and I hope those morons in Parliament are taking notice and making plans. Perhaps a sacrifice to the fire Goddess would be in order, I volunteer Sussan Ley on behalf of all Koalas but it might be an insult to the Goddess since Ley is completely useless to the human race.

I almost hate the new blogger as badly as I did the old one when it first appeared but I suppose I'll get used to it.  Too many bells and whistles on all social media these days and it takes ages for me to get the hang of it. Someone else has trouble getting the hang of things, I must go over to twitter to see if Scottyfrommarketing has managed to count just how many ships are waiting to dock in Sydney. And we thought Abbott was the worst PM we ever had.

Someone who'll think again about putting his big head above the parapet is Kennett. He made some unwelcome suggestions to Dan Andrews and the twitterati dumped all over Kennet, we in Melbourne have not forgotten what he did to this state as Premier.  For this pandemic we would still have an infectious diseases hospital, straight in for the Covid-19 arrivals. 


Elephant's Child said...

I am a coward. I am still with old blogger.
And yes, I never thought the day would come when a Prime Minister rivaled Mr Rabbit for badness.
We are expecting a 27 degree day by the weekend too. Forgive me, but that is tooooo hot for me.

Beth Waltz said...

"...a hospital for infectious diseases"? What a marvelously medieval idea, dear JahTeh! One is amazed that some politician didn't think of it months ago. But, of course, this particular plague doesn't count as such in certain world leaders' vision of a global economy. Even lesser responses such as mask-wearing and social-distancing are subject to scrutiny for ideological purity. We have Covidiots proclaiming: "It's all a political scam to enslave the sheeples." But rather than attempting to speak truth to closed minds, I've joined friends in supplying adult and enfant diapers to food banks. Wish we could offer struggling care-givers more direct assistance, but most of us are coping with physical and financial challenges of our own.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, just watch your otter video, refresh immediately. This gutless moron who should give back most of his salary for this year is the most gormless prat ever. When he finally leaves Parliament I want the silver counted. The worries of the disabled people over their flipping check ups by strangers is one piece of bastardy that lies squarely at his door.

Beth, This piece of crap sold the land to his developer friend. It had been there for years,my mother went there with diptheria. It was built in the days before any vaccines and children were taken there for quarentine. I was sent there as a baby with some unknown virus, doctors never told my mother what it was and she didn't think to ask, too grateful to get me back. Do you think that hasn't haunted me and no records to even check. Being a fan of the X Files doesn't help.

Andrew said...

As I remarked to R after hearing what Kennett said, how dare he.
Your sister's painting is great, and the mask is a clever inclusion to always give it context.

JahTeh said...

Like Abbott and Morrison he probably thought we'd all forgotten his sins and greed. All that land sold to Mirvac behind the Kingston Centre was never to be sold but always held for the hospital to expand. The mongrel broke the Will in Parliament very early in the morning when hardly anyone was around. We had no notice and no time to protest. Also went was the old TB hospital ajoining Kingston. Behind the new primary school in Farm Road, land was set aside for a new Secondary College, never built of course. Loads of promises from Mirvac that a green wedge would shield the school from houses, never happened either. And he wonders why we still hate him after all these years.

River said...

That's a really nice painting, I like the colours, but didn't notice the mask until you pointed it out.
I'm ignoring politics.