Tuesday, January 17, 2006


After looking at the headlines, I decided I couldn't comment on the news without a bottle of Serepax so I'm being frivolous again. Can anyone tell me where these falls are, I believe it's the Blue Mountains but haven't a clue where?

"Mr. Bereavement" is still playing around with Miss Ginger Fluff. She has to be female because he beats up any male that comes into his territory. She wandered in yesterday afternoon, politely enquired of his whereabouts, wandered off when told the very old boy was sprawled on the couch and unlikely move until food appeared.
She came back around seven, inviting herself in and talked to me while waving her tail seductively in his direction. I have to say, on further acquaintance, she is not ginger but a soft apricot and cream. I suspect Dad was ginger and Mum was of the fluffy variety but she doesn't have the squashy face of a Persian. She does have a long fluffy tail of apricot and cream stripes which she waves like an ostrich feather. Her face is refined with large eyes, very pointed ears and she speaks in cat but every meaning is quite clear.
They cavorted in the garden until past midnight and I noticed his dish was licked very clean this morning, a romantic supper, perhaps. He's back on the couch sound asleep, getting ready for tonight. It is a strictly platonic relationship and I certainly hope he's told her that.

Great news on the diet front, I have lost 1kg. Okay so it's small news but I'm grabbing at straws here. Anything that keeps me having a breakfast of two slices of wholemeal wholegrain toast, one boiled egg (organic, from happy little chooks on Kangaroo Island), a litre of water and fresh grapefruit juice is good.
That is not my idea of breakfast. This is breakfast. Croissants with organic rasberry spread, not jam but spread, cups of freshly brewed coffee, peach and orange juice with fresh passionfruit floating on top. Consumed sitting on a balconey overlooking the ocean, alone, because the gorgeous bloke from the night before is still sleeping, exhausted.
If it ever happens pictures will be posted for the drooling over.

Now wasn't that better than reading the news.


R H said...

Is it Angel Falls?

-Sorry if that word is offensive.

Angel, I mean. I rarely use it myself. Not in public anyway.


JahTeh said...

Rh, I'm doing the asking because I don't know. Why is angel offensive? I'd love someone to call me angel even if I do come in the giant Sistine Chapel type of angel.

Mother Damnable said...

Copper witch, you are an angel :>)

I've missed you blogging. So thanks to Gabriel for sharing you with us mere mortals.

Best wishes

R H said...

Do you believe there are angels?

Link said...

Hi Jah teh, Looks like Bridal Falls at Govett's Leap to me. Ron or Gerry would be able to help with this one.

Mother Damnable said...

Yes, I saw one at the end of my street a coupla weeks ago, he told me I looked like Cinderella!

Don't you?

R H said...

Dear Ma, lay off the bottle.

But all the same, I don't dispute that an angel would say you looked like Cindy rather than one of her sisters, because that's what angels do.


Ron said...

No, I don't recognise them. I have done a bit of Googling on Mountains' falls but haven't been able to match them,

JahTeh said...

I had a feeling it was Bridal Veil Falls but the smaller one below had me wondering. I'll post another at a different angle.

Rh, mother d is right, there are angels.
Anyone who comments on my blog is considered an angel.

Ron, that is a much better cat, very cute.