Monday, February 12, 2007


I had to go out and shop for my Mummy today. I've filled the freezer with food and written it on paper and pinned it to the freezer door.

Yesterday she told the Brick Outhouse that the reason there was no food was that $50 worth of meat was stolen from her supermarket delivery truck on Thursday.

He rang me, frothing at the mouth that someone would do that to an old lady.

I almost made it through Sunday without my blood pressure dangerously near stroke level.

On Thursday, the store misplaced two pork butterfly steaks worth $9.58 for which I will get a credit next time I place an order.

Today I had to call the doctor to see if we could put her tablets into morning and evening lots instead of through the day. He's away on 5 weeks leave so I talk to substitute doctor and it sounds a lot like talking to my Mother. There is a letter in her file about breast cancer and it has her name on it but it's not her hence the confusion.

More confusion when I try to change all the medication with the chemist tomorrow. I also found out that the capsules she told me were for cholesterol are actually mild anti-depressants. I'm going through every tablet and capsule she takes and finding out what each one is for.

Memo to not listen to Mother.

On a much happier note. The Muriels are pregnant after three and a half years of trying. Let's hope it won't take as long for them to be able to have a marriage ceremony with all the trappings.

Take that Howard and up yours Ruddock.


Andrew said...

It is unbelievable how much medication some old people take. They should have at least an annual review.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Looks like your beautiful handiwork is going to get a workout after all, JT!

BwcaBrownie said...

I too am so happy for this new and lucky little person that The Muriels will be nurturing.

Great info can be obtained by Google-ing a drug name, then scanning down all the results without actually clicking on any of them. This is the way to see if the general user consensus is positive or negative.

Re doctors: whyever do people think they have superior intelligence? It is just not true. They may have diligence, perseverance and a desire to achieve; for those are the characteristics required to slog through medical qualification; but after that it's all blood shit pus and vomit - who with a brain would take it on?
Be on your guard at all times.

Anonymous said...

Andrew's right. I interviewed 1500 over 60 year olds about their health and medications etc, and it is truly ALARMING. Some of them were truly proud of the amount of stuff they were on as it was some indication of how much thei rdoctor cared for them, these tended to be the ones who didn't know why they were taking or what it did. Ignorance is bliss? Standard geratric practise is when something mysterious goes wrong, to stop all medication and see what happens. No really its true. Most doctors have absolutely no idea how all these drugs interact in fact nobody knows how all these drugs interact.

Er . . . am I supposed toknow who the Muriels are, have I not being paying attention? (again).

Breathe in breathe out, all will be well.


If I try to log in, I will lose the comment. Happens every time.

Anonymous said...

That should read as if it was some indication . . . .


Ron said...

"... over 60 year olds ... Standard geratric practise"

Oh lordy ... am I that close to being considered geriatric?

JahTeh said...

Never mind Ron, that's just Link showing off her youngness.

Actually it's my fault because when she told me about these pills, she wasn't batty so I didn't check. I have a brilliant pharmacist who lives opposite so I check with her. She does need all the drugs she's taking it's just whether they can be taken at the same time.

Link, how can you not remember The Muriels, those two threats to Australian civilisation and the institution of marriage that our civilisation is based on. The lesbian menace that haunts John Howard's dream, the couple who want to be married, the lesbians who've started a family, NO not just a family, A DYNASTY. I must write and tell Ruddock, I don't think he knows yet. Steve Fielding will want to know I'm sure, in case he wants to watch Hell freeze over.
Link, they've been together for nearly 14 years and have been trying to have a baby for three and a half years and it's on its way. They also care for stray dogs, cats and birds and Kel's mum has horses. But according to Ruddock they're still not worthy of giving a marriage ceremony to.
Here endeth the sermon.

Brownie we had the most wonderful doctor, a surgeon and family doc. The things he arranged for my Dad were above and beyond what any quack these days would do. And he knew his drugs and didn't much care for big Pharma companies. The first thing Ma will do when she crosses over is give him a mouthful for dying before her.

Andrew, you sound disgustingly healthy, long may it last.

Anonymous said...

Ron don't panic, their ages started at 60 and went up and up. According to my research, you should start chilling out by the time you're 85 or so, and you won't care at that stage whether you're considered geriatric or not.

Thanks for the info about the Muriels. They don't seem to ring any bells. Obviously I haven't been paying attention. I'm glad they're kind to animals. Must be pretty difficult two girls trying ot get pregnant and they've succeeded! Bloody miraculous! Isn't it? (Or have I not been paying attention again) Any details as to how they managed it?


R.H. said...

Link that was funny and I had to laugh. But good luck to them, my best wishes.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Brownie and RH.

Link, we are The Muriels. Pleased to meet you. To answer your question... we have a known donor who very generously donated sperm for us which we froze and used at a clinic in Perth. We started with just IUI's (intrauterine insemination) and after 14 months of failure, moved on to IVF with a diagnosis of infertility. I (Kel) tried for 3.5 years all up and then finally threw the towel in late last year, realising (after 7 early losses) that my body would likely never carry a pregnancy to term.

My partner Sam then took over and after about 6 months, we are now expecting our much longed-for baby.