Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Happiness is dragging feet down the drive, rounding the corner of the house to find the apple tree full of little green parakeets enjoying the fruit, at least 20 of them.

Happiness is finding art imitating life. Does everyone remember the Simpsons' episode, "Whacking Day"? I was looking at the Tristan Da Cunha Times to see if there was an update on the stranded oil rig I blogged about last year. Instead I came across one of the major events on their calendar, Ratting Day.
The men and boys go out with dogs and mouse traps to hunt.
The women follow later with refreshments.
Prizes are awarded for most tails, 2nd most tails, third most tails and there's a booby prize.
Prizes are awarded at the dance after the hunt.

Unhappiness is moving the furniture to find it doesn't fit and having to move it back.

Unhappiness is cooking a cockroach in your toast.


The Editor said...

I swear I won't be able to stomach a piece of toast for at least a weak, JahTeh. Thanks... :-)

Andrew said...

Tristan Da Cunha? I am sure I wrote about that place before you did. I will check tomorrow.

Middle Child said...

Better than finding half a cockkie in your cup and a scratchy feeling in your throat

JahTeh said...

As far as I can figure Bear, it was already in the toaster when I put the bread in, hopped on for a feed and got fried right into the toast.

Andrew, I think you did write about the island and the Tristan newspaper is a terrific read.

Thanks middle child, being shortsighted I can quite easily miss these little things but I look closely now and I check the bed since they seem to like hiding in the curtains.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Typical, you vegos just can't come at a nice fleshy morsel of protein can youse?

If God hadn't intended us to eat cockroaches why did he intelligently design Sunicrust toast loaves, "I can't believe it' not butter" and non sequiturs.

(Must off, the hankerin' for a earwig daquiri is a'stirrin' in me bones.)

JahTeh said...

I don't mind a juicy cockie, it's skinning the bludgers that kills me.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Oooh ah ouch, eyes water. Jahteh Lecter the Cockie Flayer and part time Pelt Collector.

Run, Highriser, run ... she's on a trophy collectin' 'n' bounty huntin' frenzy. Nothing behind our barely adequate 40 DDD Y-fronts is safe from her CWA endorsed paring knife!

"Call that a knife?! This is a knife!"
"Call that a cockie?! This is a cockie!"

(Sorry, have to dash there's a Jehovah's Wet Nurse at the door.)

Middle Child said...

I came home from the hospital all belak and dreary today (you know) and my van startled a group of mountain lorikeets out of our tree... see them often but it was lovely to see them again

JahTeh said...

Sedgers I hope they unlock the cell and let you come to the grogblog, I'll be waiting.

MC, I love watching them in the trees, especially the twittering like a avian CWA.