Saturday, April 07, 2007


I am baking or perhaps baking isn't the right word for a pavlova. I may have a visitor tomorrow so I thought I'd treat us to a pav, cream but not the usual fruit, crushed peppermint crisp and Cadbury's dark velvet flakes.

The diet is not dead. The grand weigh-in today was a bit disappointing - 134.4kg but as my sister pointed out that is over a pound in the old fat.

This is where I get confused. I keep thinking I have to lose a kilo a week because I'm still thinking in pounds where a good loss was a pound a week. I had to rat around in the bottom of the cake pan cupboard to find my scales and work out pound to kilo ratio and the news is good not disappointing. Now to work out the other stuff, 14 pounds in a stone and I've lost about 9 so that makes 5 to go before I really celebrate. I stopped trying to work out how many stones there are in 100kgs, it was making my brain hurt. I can visualise in pounds but not kilos and it's the same with centimetres. Say 2 inches and I've got it but in centimetres, I have to get the tape measure. You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

I was busy measuring the ingredients with my teaspoons/tablespoon and I got all old feeling because I had been given these as a wedding present. I can't believe something plastic lasted longer than he did. A look in that drawer where all kitchen usefuls live (oops, quick dash to the oven and pav is cooked and looking yum, a little sugar weepy but cover it with cream) brought to light all manner of odments that have outlasted him. What did the man want with 7 bottle openers apart from getting terminally pissed? I recognised a few as Christmas presents, how well the family knew him. They got shoved to the back when stubbies were invented and the family gave him stubby holders instead. Some terrible person burnt them in the barbecue just after he left.

In case there's interest, I'm also having salmon, sour cream and feta cheese tarts tomorrow possibly with a golden soy mayonnaise with herbs. I can't leave egg yolks hanging around doing nothing. Bless those happy chooks on Kangaroo Island.


Lord Sedgwick said...

And if I "Say 2 inches", here are some unkind people wot would say I'm bragging.

And like other people (kinder people) say ... "Desperate times require desperate measures."

50.8 millimetres ... phwoah!!

JahTeh said...

50.8mm equals 5.something cm which equals me getting out the magnifying glass which equals not worth the effort.

B and I will share your portion of the Pav.

Gay Curmudgeon said...

He Who Must Be Obeyed is still waiting for me to make a pavlova after almost 9 years together.

I'm cautious about making one in Seattle's moist climate so I'm always waiting until a "good weather day". That excuse is wearing thin, I fear.

The slower the weight loss the more likely it is to be permanent. my goal was to average .5 to 1 lb a week, .5 of a kilo per week should be the maximum you do each week. I also hit a weird plateau where I didn't lose anything for a week or two, so don't be discouraged.

It's Easter Saturday here in Seattle so this morning we are figuring out the menu for our Easter Dinner. There will be soup, lamb, salad, maybe a sorbet if the weather is fine, and cake of course, then cheese and fruit. But which of each type will we have?

The meal will stretch over several hours with menu blogging and torpor to follow.


Meredith Jones said...

Wish I was coming to your place for Easter lunch! That all sounds delicious.

Middle Child said...

Oh yummy... mmmm...

I also visualise in pundsa, stones inches feet etc...they switched over measures just after I freshly learned them al in school, so never learned the other

JahTeh said...

Thank you GC, give me the diet talk and then the menu. Sorbet AND cake?

Meredith, I haven't made a pav for years but the free range eggs were fantastic. I make up the recipe with every ingredient in together and beat for 15 minutes, with these eggs, 10 mins and the volume filled the bowl.

MC, How to stay on diet, wrap everything up and make the Brownie take it home with her. I'll be on bread and water for the next week and that's one thing they couldn't make metric, it's still 7 days.