Friday, April 06, 2007


I have a portable DVD player courtesy of my sister's big feet. She has a TV at the foot of the bed and watches it when insomnia takes over. She bought the portable DVD for herself and it is now mine. She managed to fall out of bed, get her foot caught in the power cord of the TV and sent the whole thing flying. It wasn't much fun watching everyone looking like the green part of the Hulk so she went to the scratch and dent warehouse and now has a TV with an inbuilt DVD player. But be warned about these, the warehouse is full of televisions with DVD players that don't play, very cheap but hardly a bargain really.

After a year of buying my favourite movies, I can watch them. I can't watch them in bed, I can't get comfortable but set up on a TV table in front of my chair it's passable. Any film that has a lot of action tends to make the eyes shoot around and Harry Potter is just not the same on a 5 by 7 inch screen.

It's better than the tripe that's playing on the box this week. Fascinated as I am with all things forensic, the sixth repeat of any CSI program tends to be boring. Why was it necessary to remove 'Stargate Atlantis' this week and does 'Crossing Jordan' have to be moved around to accommodate 'Dancing with the Stars'? Well I don't care now I can turn it all off and watch 'Serentity'.


mei ultra vires said...

Try cabling your portable player to your television - we did this as our old DVD player became increasingly unreliable (portables are much more robust than standard players) - bigger screen, and now we can watch movies in bed.


Meredith Jones said...

And isn't Serenity just wonderful? Have you seen the TV show it's based on - Firefly?

JahTeh said...

Mei, my 36 year old tv has just died to be replaced by a youngster of 15 years. It barely took to being hooked up to a 10 year old VCR so it may not take to something in the 1 year range. Sitting in my comfy chair by the fire will do fine as long as I remember to step over the cord not through it.

Meredith, Would I not have the entire series on DVD? It's a case of a good show which made a better movie and there's still talk of another in the works.

Volacious said...

It's a crying shame that Stargate Atlantis is being played so rarely... I have SCI-FI channel on Fox ATM and even there it's not been given the respect it deserves.

You could either use the portable DVD player to drive the big TV, or even better use a wireless sender to grab picture from your computer or other player. I've fiddled with those things and if you get one not on the 2.4Ghz bandwidth, they work really well :-)

Middle Child said...

Everything , every show thats halfway decent gets moved by so called reality shows...(as real as a cup of cold sick most of them) but how about when they move the News for the bloody cricket? I mean what is that all about?

JahTeh said...

Gus, it's not just the fact it's on so late, it's those dreadful dating ads and phone sex they assault my eyes with. About the second part of your comment, Que?

Get yourself ready MC, it's nearly Big Brother time, speaking of cold sick in a cup.