Saturday, June 02, 2007


Bombay Sapphire, yummmm. I wasn't looking for gin, I just wanted a party image for the weight loss post, 131.7kgs and I found this at
He is an Australian glass artist who makes the most gorgeous glass objects including a dining set for HRH Chuck and Chick which is called Camelot. When you visit the site click on special commissions.

131.7 isn't all that much from last time but we're into the 131's and heading down. I have new digital scales, on sale, $60 off. I didn't bother with the other WeightWatcher scales, I don't have to know my body fat index, it's big and besides they cost $20 extra. Just to make sure they were good I carried them to every flat surface in the house and always the same weight. No more walking 6kms in the cold.

I have a birthday next month, any donations for a case of Bombay and one of Peter Crisp's martini glasses will be grabbed with both hands and kisses on your feet.

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