Sunday, July 29, 2007


As if I didn't do enough manual labour yesterday.

Today I was carting bricks, four of them. The same number as in chair legs.

It wasn't just positioning the bricks (I'm blaming nailpolishblues for this) but I thought I might as well vacuum the carpet before I put the chair back.

Putting the chair up on bricks was fun. I had to lift and carry the bloody thing. It weighs a ton even without me in it.

The wheel fell off the chair a month ago so the leg's been happily sitting on two books since then. This morning the other wheel fell off and broke the leg and so it riccocheted around the remaining two.

The bricks are working well but given Murphy's Law, I'm expecting the bum to fall out of it any day.


Davoh said...

Yer a true brick, dingbat.

Link said...

Gee Davo, that's a bit rude. I was going to say I don't like the sound of this. Certainly makes chair immoveable object--although maybe not.

Shelley said...

Ha ha! Must be the first time I've ever convinced another person to vacuum.

If I had my way we'd all have house elves.

JahTeh said...

A big green tick for me Davo for recycling bricks and an old chair.

Link, I'm finding an immoveable chair is better than scooting across the floor every time I sit down.

Nails, you did such a good job with your cleaning that I got infected. You couldn't nick round and do the dishes for me could you?