Friday, August 24, 2007


The luscious apple green Peridot is the gemstone for August. It's found near volcanoes and Hawaiian legends called this gemstone the tears of the Goddess Pele.

This is the stone that helps heal and drives evil spirits away. So Happy Birthday little August person, who know who you are.

Believe me, this is as good as the blogging gets until I recover from four straight days with Mumzilla.


Brian Hughes said...

To quote Lord Percy to Blackadder during his turn as an alchemist: "I have discovered...Green! Pure green!"

JahTeh said...

Hughes, we have something in common besides Sedgwick, I love Blackadder but the ex claimed them as part of his divorce loot. cretin.

For everyone else, five days with Mumzilla, five days, people.

Brian Hughes said...

Fear not, Squire Hughes is always ready to offer his services:

(Working on the assumption that Ozzie broadband speeds are capable of downloading the information without too much buffering of course.)

Note: There's even the original unaired pilot episode amongst that lot somewhere...with somebody else other than Tony Robinson playing Baldric. Betcha ex hasn't got that one.

JahTeh said...

I can't imagine anyone else playing Baldric. I don't have broadband only dial-up so downloading 2 minutes takes 30 mins. This is the colonies, you know.
word verification might have been made for you sxaxszxv.

Brian Hughes said...

You've got a Particle Accelerator in your back graden, but you haven't got Broadband? Not to worry. If you climbed inside aforementioned accelerator and fired yourself forwards at the speed of light, you could defy the laws of mass (Captain Kirk managed it several times without even trying), travel backwards in time and secretly stash the Blackadder videos away in a cubby hole somewhere before aforementioned Ex walks off with them.

JahTeh said...

I'd already done that with his very old vintage Port. Idiot never thought to look in the roof.

Brian Hughes said...

You travelled backwards in time via a particle accelerator to rescue some vintage port? I'm impressed. I don't suppose you could reclaim that bottle of scotch I drank last month in the same way so that I could drink it all over again, could you?

Middle Child said...

I had never heard of this stone...its beautiful... an amazing green

R.H. said...

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But gems will never hurt me.

ha ha ha!

Miss Jahteh, why flirt with pebbles?

I will give you a Mountain.


Ann ODyne said...

Ha! Hughsie despises The Time Team!

'Would you like sugar in your tea Major Darling?'
(possibly obscure BA line)

I love youse all.

JahTeh said...

Geez Hughes, not very ambitious. Wouldn't you like me to go back and influence one of your rich ga-ga relatives to leave you a distillery instead?

MC,Photos don't do the stones justice colourwise. Who needs flashy diamonds!

Robbert, a gem mountain just might get you somewhere.

Wasn't too fussed about the WW1 BA, got the most laughs from the Elizabethan one. Hope you had a good birthday Annie.

Brian Hughes said...

As a direct decendant of the Stanleys, first Earls of Derby, I have inherited their epilepsy, their gout, their dodgy gallbladders and all manner of other inbred illnesses, but not a single penny of their ill-gotten wealth. Typical bloody aristocrats!A distillery wouldn't be big enough...the national supply of whisky for the Scottish highlands might suffice...or even better, one day's consumption of beer from downtown Adelaide.

Ann ODyne said...

here's a green stone for ya:
"Mystery surrounds the reported discovery of what might be the largest diamond in the world. The stone, found in an unnamed North West mine, is believed to be twice the size of the world’s biggest, the Cullinan.

A spokesperson for the mining company that made the discovery, Brett Jolly, said the stone was excavated on Monday. The mining company is part of the property-development firm Two Point Five group.

Mining Weekly Online reported that Jolly said: "As far as I understand, a 7 000-carat light green stone is sitting in a bank vault in Johannesburg."

The stone was transported to a vault in Johannesburg under strict surveillance from a hired security company to be examined by experts. When photographing of the stone is completed, the mining company will decide what to do next, the South African Broadcasting Corporation reported.

A greenish tinge is a quality found in some rough diamonds.

The possible diamond is described as being about 7 000 carats, making it the size of a soccer ball. However, industry experts are not sure if there is gem-quality material to be extracted from the stone, if the story is true at all.

Neither the Department of Minerals and Energy nor the South African Diamond Board was able to provide information on the find on Tuesday.

Gemologist Les Milner said: "It hasn't been verified by an independent source." Milner had been sent a cellphone picture of the "stone" -- as industry experts caution it should be referred to until confirmed as a diamond.

Britain's Guardian newspaper reported that the find has thrilled the diamond community, and that the stone is expected to draw furious bidding from buyers worldwide. It could sell for up to about R218-million.

Fred Cuellar, the founder of Diamond Cutters International and author of How to Buy a Diamond, said he first heard about the find a few days ago. "I get a phone call when any rare stone around the world is found, and when I heard about this one it was stunning news.”

The find "caught everybody in the diamond industry offside. There will be a lot of mad bidding from a lot of private individuals as to who is going to buy this stone," the Guardian quoted Cuellar as saying.

If the stone is a diamond, it will first have to be verified as such, and if it is going to be exported, it will need the necessary licensing documentation. It will also be subjected to the Kimberley Process, a system aimed at controlling the sale of "blood diamonds".

It is also not uncommon for the owner of a big find to initially keep details under wraps for the purposes of increasing buyer interest.

The Cullinan I, the world's largest diamond, was discovered near Pretoria in 1905 by Frederick Wells, surface manager of the Premier Diamond Mining Company. The Cullinan is the second-largest rough gem-quality diamond found to date, at 3 106,75 carats.

The largest identified green diamond is the Dresden Green, which weighs 40,70 carats."

*runs away laughing*

Ann ODyne said...

Hughsie! re -
"Brian Hughes said...

As a direct decendant of the Stanleys, first Earls of Derby, I have inherited their epilepsy, their gout, their dodgy gallbladders and all manner of other inbred illnesses, but not a single penny of their ill-gotten wealth.

WE had a Lord Stanley as Governor of Victoria a few decades back.
His daughter wrote a book about it - one of the funniest non-fictions ever. The five children were apparently uncontrollable little brawlers terrorising Govt House, the servants, and dignitaries.
Ring any bells?

Brian Hughes said...

Ring any bells? Certainly does, in the same way that Lord Sedgwick's ancestors used to ring bells at Notre Dam Cathedral.

I should point out, of course, that, as a law-abiding, genteel and refined person myself, I don't hold any chuck with the untempered attitudes of my feral forefathers whose pointless, over-financed-by-the-tax-payers lives allowed them to stick their noses (and every other extremity) into virtually any place where they really oughtn't be.

The only proviso I make to this is (at least the way I see it) my inherited right to Droit de I explained to the judge in court last week. He was very understanding, said that he knew my great, great, great, great grandfather (Chief Mason for Fleetwood South) as a child, dribbled onto his gavel and sentenced me to six hours watching Neighbours. (This was later reduced to a suspended sentence when it was discovered that what he'd actually meant to say was that he'd spent six hours the day before watching his neighbours through a hole in the bedroom wall. Inquiries are continuing.)

JahTeh said...

I love the fact that you descended the old fashioned way from the aristocrazy, Hughes. Our family bought it's way in, a whole Irish Earldom. Great gal, our Winnie.

Keep your mits off my diamond Annie O, although at that size it's a little flashy even for me.

Ann ODyne said...

Dear Digger Bri - we have Judges like that over here too.

Wasn't Droit DeSeigneur a President of the US?

Brian Hughes said...

Those thievin' Stanley swine didn't leave me enough inheritance to buy the title of a paperback book let alone an earlship...earldom...earl-earring...whatever. As for Droit de Signeur being a president of the U.S. it's certainly a job description that currently applies to G. W. Bush.