Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I measured the desk. It's 80cm by 131 cm or 31 inches by 51 and a half inches for those who refused to change brain function to metric. I'm not maths minded so I can't work out the entire surface to be explored.

I told you it was big. The highest pile of paper is 21 cm. I'm too scared to look at the date of the bottom paper.

Yesterday was Mummy day and I was almost killed.

What stupid male thought he could pile long steel pipes into the back of a station wagon, tie them up with a rag and not think one or all of them would fall out when he hit a bump?
Fortunately the pipe went under the following car not through the windscreen but turned direction and headed for me, large target. I hadn't even stepped off the footpath at this stage. I'd like to say my life flashed before my eyes but I don't have one. Cute guy got out of his car and picked up the pipe with one hand, I'd have needed a forklift truck.

Today was Mummy day again and paying the house insurance day and looking at the desk piled high with papers day.

Tomorrow, I will start the expedition into the unknown. The known is a dead spider because I sprayed the rocks last night. I haven't seen "Arachnophobia" eight times for nothing.


R.H. said...

My desk is 4ft 6' x 2ft 3'

And piled with love letters -to blog soda pop.

Link said...

So Friene is 'confronting your fears therapy'?

My desk is a door, supported by milkcrates, covered in a Kingsize cotten sheet and currently sporting a green corduroy (ahem) tablecloth, plenty of elbow room.

Brian Hughes said...

There's an old poem by William Wordsworth (one of Britain's best loved poets) called 'Ode to a Garden Pond' which runs: "I've measured it from side to side, It's three feet long and five feet wide."

Not one of his best, perhaps, but under your present frustrating circumstances I find it very moving.

phil said...

Mrs VVB's desk is one big mofo desk. We bought it in Canberra from the enterprising bloke who set up 'Ex-government furniture': he'd buy job lots and sell as individual pieces.

It was a former desk for an officer at Deputy Secretary level in my old department. It has to be disassembled every time we move it. It's a big mofo desk.

Middle Child said...

Is that a spider in a web amongst your profile? Arachnaphobia could be a middle name! and speaking of middle names Jahteh you have been Memed by me...its a US Blog taggie thing... anyway if you feel like a complete waste of time have a look at mine and feel as duty obligated as I did to do it okay...sweetie

JahTeh said...

Rh, you are such a glutton for punishment. I stopped going there ages ago, I don't think they like Harry Potter.

I had the computer on that desk but everytime I went past, it reminded me of the ex who would never let me touch his computer so I moved the machine to the other side of the room where I can cloud watch while I blog. I admire your recycling though.

Good one Lord Brian of Hughes, but I'm afraid desk wasn't the first thing measured that sprang to mind. I blame that purveyor of smut, Sedgwick, for my rapid decline to gutterdom.

Phil, did you check for secret drawers, stolen Asio papers, bribes or photos of ministers in fishnet stockings?

MC, I love being memed unless it's a meme that I don't like but I'll trot over and check. That is a spider in the profile and I'm thinking of pensioning him and getting a pink bat with fangs.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to say my life flashed before my eyes but I don't have one.

You are gold. Always believe in your soul, you're indestructible... god don't you hate it that those vile 80s songs get stuck in your head? Anyway...


R.H. said...

My desk is ex-govt too, purchased at an RAF depot in Brooklyn, and transported here by His Majesty -roped to the lid of his old Valiant.

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JahTeh said...

Helen, had the email about Tess but one day I'll get to see you bang those drums. One instrument that doesn't mind if you're old and grey and probably deaf. Look at Charlie with the 'Stones'.

Rh, one-up-manship will get you nowhere although a desk big enough to cover a Valiant could do it.

Filthy capitalist Annie!!