Sunday, August 19, 2007


More than 40 scientists have lodged research proposals for the first round of synchrotron use which begins next month. These applications are higher than expected and at least 30 of the proposals will go ahead with some being directed to overseas synchrotrons.

One of those experiments will be seeing how algae performs under starvation conditions and I thought to myself that this would be a good time to tell you about acoustic levitation which is how the scientists handle microscopic living cells using synchrotron light. My notes are on the desk behind me, yes, right, okay, I'm in trouble now.

I am talking about a very large desk, a very old large desk which I bought in a sale of very old office furniture for $25. It's so big that the twice it's been moved, it had to go out through the window and in the other window. I might add it's never being moved again.

So, my notes are on/in/over/around about that desk. If the thing was a black hole, the event horizon of paper is expanding. The tower of wood pulp has reached critical mass. Why haven't I noticed this every time I come in the door? I'm going to have to sort, catalogue and chuck papers for the next week before I even see the surface. I will be alert and not a little alarmed at what or who I find hiding under there but I will have those levitation notes for you soon. Don't go away, I'll be baaaack!

Damn, I just noticed the layer on dust on the book shelf and there's a spider web over my rock collection. Have a holiday, this could take longer than I thought.


phil said...

Again with the synchrotron! Hubris has no bounds (maybe that should read "hubris have no bounds", if we knew what a hubri was).

Maybe that's what a synchrotron does: splits hubris into its constituent hubri bits.

Can you tell I've had a few sherbets?

Brian Hughes said...

"One of the experiments will be seeing how algae performs under starvation conditions..."

Sounds as though, by the time you find your notes at the bottom of the mound, you'll have discovered the answer to that one anyway. Especially if you unearth a long lost mug of coffee in the deeper stratigraphy en route.

Anonymous said...

I don't quite know how to comment or that I even should.

Yeah, scientific establishments of this nature are great...hope they help us all with their research. However,It's a shame they study people like me for years and still write us off cus they don't have the 'science' behind it to accept it as being beyond any "known/human" capabilities.
From this scientist to another......there is more than we will ever know,thankfully, and establishments are sometimes behind the properganda to feed a scocial mind-set of such knowledge,or indeed,lack of it.
Suspicion in any science is a great thing and I can and will quote the 'greats' who previously said exactly that and went on to upset communities with the so called unconventional theories that advanced the human race.

Three cheers for the algea and synchronistic success......Hubris underestimation again redundant?

Anyways, the ranting over....glad my desk isn't the only mess in the entire world. sosltus

Anonymous said...
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Lord Sedgwick said...

Mr philby, we think you should sober up (you know where that sort of over indulgent sherberticality can lead a wrong side of middle-aged lad to - well if you have a taxpayer's trip to I♥NY and a couple mates with an eye or two for the pneumatic you would) and take yourself off to the raft of docos on hubris I've seen lately.

"Hubris Goes Bananas", "Hubris Goes to Monte Carlo", "Hubris Rides Again", and of course the seminal XXX doco, "Hubris does Dallas".

(And NO that deletion wasn't mine! I'm stone scauld sobriquet. So briquette you would'nt beleieive!)

R.H. said...

I'll tell you something, those dancing canaries at blog soda pop all ganging up on one bloke as usual, are the most try-hard humourless creeps on any blog I've seen. And conservative? Oh my goodness gracious golly me!- terrified! A classroom of fairies.
Well listen, you nicely brought up lot of nothings, the day you ever do anything that isn't ordered by someone else I'll pull out my cock in Swanston Street.
Get off these fucking blogs, you are BORING!

JahTeh said...

But Phil, our synchrotron might find a better way to brew beer and we're not selfish so we might share with you bananabenders.

Nothing on the desk, but the fridge is another matter. Three weeks on the bottom shelf and you'd be off baked beans forever.

My scientists have very open minds Neo but America is a whole different story. The fundie religious views are really having an effect on how you receive research grants.

Fingers still not working properly M'Lord. I still can't imagine little Kevie in a strip club and fancy asking the Mad Monk if he'd ever been in one. The Libs have jumped the shark with this beat up.

Have you been banned again Rh? Dancing canaries and a classroom of fairies, that's quaint. Have you succumbed to Facebook?

Lord Sedgwick said...

"Libs have jumped the shark"

Our Dolly humping the dorsal - yet again. It's those fishnet stockings I tells ya.

JahTeh said...

Now I can see Dolly in a strip club doing a double act with a dwarf and a vacuum cleaner.

R.H. said...
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R.H. said...

Da Silva may not be correct in what he's saying (I'm not sure), but that's isn't the point. For me it's rather depressing to see any arts crowd use labellng tactics to damn someone. It enables them to not consider what he's saying of course, or even to think about it at all. Thank goodness this isn't always the case, because with people like these deciding what's allowed and what isn't aspiring artists and writers may as well give up and find something else to do. Sarspirella started with good intentions, and I support it, but the people there need to come down a bit, living on the top floor doesn't make you an artist.

R.H. said...

Well you have to laugh, there's nothing funnier than seeing dullwitted conservatives needing an ambulance when conventional thought gets threatened.

-Cross posted at Happy Antipodean.

Ann ODyne said...

I read about that dwarf and the Hoover over at Scorn & Noise blog!

RH has got to stop going near
Laugh AtUs Rodeo. It is a nasty sniping place.

re facebook: blogger Chai of Tired But generally Willing has completely disappeared since he discovered you can play SCRABBLE there!

and I just popped by to say I checked the ElectroRetrogressorGun photo on p12 of Saturday's Age.

Ann ODyne said...

oh and PS - forgotta say i laughed like a chimpanzee at all the comments above.

and Hughsie? I just have to visualise his 'Winnie The Shit' cartoon ...

Middle Child said...

The spiders know what its all about...just hang about...wait till there is so much dust on their webs and they fall down by themselves easy peasy...

JahTeh said...

Be kind Rh, not everyone has your combined intellect and down-to-earthness.

Hello Sopo, I'm particularly fond of page 12 and I'm not playing scrabble on line, it's too hard to cheat besides I've blogs to catch up with.

MC, The not-so-wee beastie was down amongst the rocks and I still haven't touched one paper on that desk.

R.H. said...



If only it were half true.