Saturday, August 18, 2007


Sorry to anyone out there who thinks I'm ignoring them on Facebook.

I've de-activated my account on account of I don't know if I want an account.

Even when de-activating an account they want you to answer a list of questions about why you're doing it.

Because you're a bunch of bloody stickybeaks, that's why.


Link said...

There's something enormously satisfying about being honest. Mind you, what's his name of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" would probably roll in his grave at the very idea of this type of honesty, if he were dead. Is he dead? Yet?

I do not feel comfortable about the amount of personal information Facebook can access from my email accounts and seems to want from me personally. As it turns out, I am not interested in online networking with old, but not necessarily 'good', friends. I am a hermit a prude and a killjoy and would just as sooner be left to be such on my own terms, coming out of my hole to bark occasionally when I feel like it.

phil said...

Dale Carnegie, link. I had him inflicted on me by one of the most dishonest bosses I've ever had the, er, insert word here.

I've just started a FaceBook account. As far as I can see it simply provides an alternate mechanism for contact, with pictures. And it provides mighty corporates with another channel to try to extract $$$ from you.

It was kind of fun to start, no doubt there is pain to stop.

Andrew said...

Vat is dis Facebook ting?
Vill it git me manys hansum gorgus men?

Anonymous said...

lol....Here's out on a limb honesty for ya! Whats facebook???
Are their decent guys there?(hehehe, I think!)

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Bloody 'ell! Every conversation I've had in the last three weeks seems to have involved facebook. Someone was telling me just the other day that he plays scrabble via it. The silent unfacebooked minority is getting uncomfortably small. Thank you for returning to it, Jahteh.

Shelley said...

It's quite boring - aside from the salking part. I either don't know anybody (quite a possibility given that I'm a sad old recluse), have no friends (see above), or know people through pseudonyms. Or possibly, the people that I do know are sensible enough to say away.

JahTeh said...

Sorry Link, it looks like just the blogs for us.

Smarty Phil who has the nous to actually move about the site unlike dumb bum bloggers. I prefer to remain aloof, mysterious and Garboesque.

Greedy Andrew, you've already got so many handsome men places to go. Anyway they like you to put your real age out there. *blows raspberry*

A warning against it Neo, People can find you there very easily, moreso than blogger.

Ampersand Duck invited me to play Scrabble but she used her real name and it took me a while to twig who it was. I couldn't find the scrabble game either.

Don't worry Nails, friends are just people you have to clean up the house for. Bloggers arrive on the screen uninvited but you don't have to feed them. I like going through the anonymous blogs scoffing a block of chocolate knowing I won't have to share it with any of you.

Middle Child said...

Um wiv Andrew... "Vat is dis Facebook ting?

JahTeh said...

MC, it's like a maze of old friends you never want to meet again in real life but you get to sneak around and peep at or you would if they didn't want every detail about your life down to your bra size and publish it before they let you in. Link found that it accessed her email address book and rummaged through it.

Andrew said...

My real age is out there. I am 47 because that is what the internet says when I created a profile. I cannot recall what year that was.

JahTeh said...

Gay years or straight years Andrew?