Sunday, September 02, 2007


I do have a dark and evil side.

It arrives at the same moment that I reach the rise of the T section of my road and the busy main road.

The lights take forever to change.

So when I'm walking past all those cars waiting, waiting, waiting, the drivers begin willing me to push the button for the lights.

Well I won't do it. You're all sitting on your backsides in your swishy cars while I'm trudging up the hill on my tin knees so you can all sit there until your wheels fall off.

Unless the first car is turning left. I'll push the button then because they have to wait until I cross and I cross very very slowly on my tin knees.



Middle Child said...

I think I saw you once... : )

JahTeh said...

Such a feeling of power in one little finger. Even better is going up to the light then turning round like I've changed my mind.