Friday, April 11, 2008


I couldn't find an image of Therese in the red jacket she was wearing yesterday so here's one I prepared earlier.
I'm fat and I wear what I like and I appreciate the fact that she does too but, a red jacket that walks into the room five minutes before the wearer is not great fashion.
I had a gasp moment when she walked out of the plane with Kev and the dress was just a smidgen short. Someone forgot to tell her that photographers shoot up the steps.
She can keep her lovely bright coloured jackets but go for a soft drape in a pure silk Australian wool blend. It's more flattering and more comfortable.
I keep wanting to reach into the tele and twitch the lapels, pull the peplum down, re-arrange the buttons and make the lady look like she's wearing the clothes not the other way round.
She doesn't have to go into old lady garb of shapeless, nondescript pale "Prime Minister's wife" colours.
I just would like her to be more impressively Australian-made comfortable.
At least she doesn't wear an akubra....or a tracksuit......


Brian Hughes said...

It's like an outtake from 'Don't Look Now'...

Jayne said...

Damn it! She's rejected my 101 ways to recycle a hessian bag, AGAIN!

phil said...

Surely Kamahl has several thousand used-once caftans that would suffice?

Andrew said...

She isn't exactly a style queen is she? And the hair needs a makeover. Clearly a clever woman though, to have made so much money.

Remember NZ PM David Lange and his wife who used to wear cardigans to state events.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Coppertop, you sexist ole slattern!

It's Kev wot looks like someone in desperate need of a fashion nazi!

A nice pair of budgie smugglin' huggin' formal Stubbies, a tie-dyed T-shirt, white socks and a noice pair of toe-less sandals would see him right.

JahTeh said...

Now that was a film to watch with the lights on, Fleetwood. A ripping yarn.

Jayne, Flour sacks are so much better and softer looking.

Phil, Why are you so unkind?
I wouldn't mind some of his leftover caftans, nice silk.

Andrew, I like the way she's her own woman style-wise but she just looks so uncomfortable. That's because I would feel uncomfortable in those clothes and I'm glad I did this post before everyone came out of the woodwork to lambast her fashion sense. Nowt wrong with a cardi as long as it's Cashmere.

Who's calling who a slattern you old tart?
I'll never forgive you for putting the image in my mind of Kev in budgiemugglers.

Bwca said...

oh Mr Hughes you slay me.
That movie is the only one which ever scared me - aarrgghhh!

and dear River I followed your name home to find you don't have a blogpost for us to leave you messages!

re Therese Rein-Rudd, I am disappointed that The Party Machine has clearly failed to address her appearance as An Issue.
No point in denying that our society is visually oriented and judgemental.
They must assign her an official Outfitter & Groomer, and would do well to note how elegantly Dame Judi Dench manages to clothe the same shape body with softly draped fabrics.

River said...

Looks like she needs to stop buying clothes that fit her shoulders and start buying stuff that fits her bust and waist. Or simply get a couple of things tailor made. Nothing looks tackier than clothes which hang wrong, no matter how beautiful the fabric or style.
Sorry you couldn't find me bwca, I don't have a blog and never will. I just didn't realise you were an actual person, I thought maybe bwca was short for something, some type of home help service maybe.

JahTeh said...

River, you don't have a blog! But all intelligent people have blogs unless you've gone to the dark side and you are *gasp* Facebook. If that's the case I'm fetching the silver bullets.

Lad Litter said...

She looks comfortable though and it's the "I-don't-care" that appeals to me.

JahTeh said...

Absolutely right, Ladlitter but I still reckon the challenge for Australian designers to dress a larger lady in style would flow on to the rest of us. They can make stick figures look good so let them have a go at a real woman.

River said...

No blog; no dark side; no facebook; just me; reader; commenter.

Maria said...

Nominate her for Trinny & Susannah's show!

I think a jacket that walks into the room before you do is a bit on the scary side, actually. I've liked the idea of the Batmobile, the car that drives out and rescues you by itself and stuff, but a jacket that waltzes in and starts introducing itself before you get your nose in is just taking it a tad too far.

However, this is nothing on Janette Howard dressing in the same clothes as the Queen when greeting her, so it's a step up. Thankful for small mercies.

JahTeh said...

Maria, it was that very stiff red jacket she wore in London. It just bloomed out in all the wrong places but I do love the strong shades because they suit her colouring.

Middle Child said...

But look at what he's wearing, its enough to make you vomit.

She will "get the game" in time after they make her over, but he's just so darn ugly and repulsive nothing will change that...most pollies are

JahTeh said...

I've been watching Kevvie and he wears a very nice collection of ties. I've even got the bwca tie watching now. He had a rather nice silk aqua one on the other night.