Monday, September 01, 2008


No doubt MiLords Sedgwick and Hughes will be over to play havoc with that heading.
While I was sick I managed to miss my 800th blog post being posted. I hope it was something intelligent.

Spring in Melbourne is wonderful, we've had 4 types of weather today. I managed to get some food in and pasta sauce is on the go. I found over the last four weeks that it's no good making soup out of nourishing fresh things when all your stomach wants is plain old Heinz Big Red Tomato soup with toast and cheese.

Things to watch out for when ill.

Don't doze off in the chair without a safety belt. I'm ashamed to admit I did just that yesterday and fell flat on my face. I did a lot of damage to the Sunday papers but my glasses bounced.

Don't sit up in bed, in the middle of the night, with the doona wrapped round, after a coughing fit, when you're exhausted. You'll drift off to sleep because you're exhausted and then you'll wake up when your tongue falls out of your open mouth and you bite it.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


River said...

Passed a milestone??!! Ouch! Do you need a cushion dearie?

(Wanders off giggling)

Jayne said...

You can get an over-the-counter cream to deal with those pesky milestones, J :P

JahTeh said...

Oh terrific, two of my most intelligent commenters masquerading as Sedgwick and Hughes.

Caroline said...

Meself, I pass poos. (Sorry 'bout that), But the pills are kicking in, so I'm passing less poos than I used to. I've seem to have missed how you risk biting your tongue wrapped up in the doona. But you better not make that tomato soup too hot.Sounds like your tongue needs time to recover.

I have a lot of floaters (not of the poo variety) in my eyes from coughing fits.

Brian Hughes said...

"While I was sick I managed to miss my 800th blog post being posted. I hope it was something intelligent."

So do I. That would have been something worth celebrating.

Lord Sedgwick said...

So you passed a milestone.

Think that's some sort of achievement worthy of note?

Sedgwick and Hughes have done kidney stones and gallstones respectively, and whilst gathering no moss we have both lived to tell the tale to anyone not fast enough on their pins to beat a hasty retreat.

And yes river, jayne and caroline, please leave the jokes to Me'n'Hughes - we do them some much worse than anyone else.

P.S. Coppertop. Parcel arrived safely, though it seems like the Magnums melted and evaporated en route, though it could be our dodgy illiterate and innumerate postie (Yes we get articles addressed to 14 Loeman St Strathmore?!)might have nicked then.

Thanks from Lady Livia and the Princess Royal - who is soaking up 25 degrees celsius in San Diego as we type.

Ampersand Duck said...

Gawd, you almost made me pass something. The idea of you biting your tongue in bed...

I hope you feel much, much better very soon.

Middle Child said...

de me larf you bastard. I do these things...and only those who live by ourselves know this stuff.

I won't be dog meat if I fall down and knock me brains out... the poor old bugger isn;t eating muych any more and not long now for him I think. He still thinks he's handsmoe and a real spunk but he has trouble walking down the ramp to do his wee jobbies...

Brian Hughes said...

You think you've got it bad passing a milestone? Our mayor laid the foundation block of a new hospital wing last week.

(Couldn't resist...just had to come back and say it.)

Davo said...

You wrote something intelligent?

R.H. said...



I passed a porsche, in Douglas Parade. (It was parked)


JahTeh said...

Caroline, my old doctor and surgeon said toast and tea was the best for straightening things out in that area.

I do wish I could say 'Fleetwood is a batsard' in Latin, it would be so much classier.

Sedgwick, you're lucky you got those. They're cursed, everytime that offer comes around I get crook or broke.

Know what's worse Duckie? Try taking your temperature when you take half your front teeth out, thermometers are slippery little buggers.

Therese that's going to be a hard decision for you and I really got a taste of my mother's wish that one day 'I'd be old and alone and sick' this week.

Davo, I'm surprised, you don't believe in miracles?

Robbert, you also pass genius.

Davo said...

Of course I believe in miracles .. whaddya want me to do, chuck a few potions in the back of the broomstick and turn up on yer doorstep?