Sunday, September 14, 2008


It's a nice spring day outside, the breeze is a bit chilly but nice for walking. Tomorrow is not going to be nice, windy and cold with rain and I have to walk in it.

I've got to sort out the pills again. The morphine has been upped another 20 whatevers but instead of with the morning or evening pills, it's in the middle of the webster pack. This has caused massive confusion.

She can't get it straight that she isn't getting a new medication which is making her ill, causing confusion and stopping her from turning on the DVD player.

It confused her into taking Monday and Tuesday's pills on Thursday and Friday. That's what happens when you turn the pack upside down instead of back to front and it's all due to the new medication. She didn't take Friday night's medication at all because the new medication made her go to sleep early.

So I'm off to the pharmacy to find out why the dumb arse doctor asked for it to be this way. I'll get it put with the morning pills which is when she has the most pain. Then I have to pick up the 'you know' pills she's nearly out of and that's another 15 minutes of my life I won't get back. I think I was yelling again, something about not being a mind reader.

Hopefully it will only take a week to get back to normal, near normal, almost normal or anything approaching normal.


River said...

Option D:- anything approaching normal.
As much as it mught be a relief all round, let's hope she doesn't one day mistakenly take them all at once and turn her toes to the heavens.

JahTeh said...

River, there was no approaching normal today. My sense of humour hasn't recovered enough to spend a whole day with her. She won't take all the pills, it's a fall that will get her so we move everything out of the way to make sure she's safe and she'll move it back again because it's her house.

Middle Child said...

Here is a 2004 ABS statistic for you...18,000 are acknowledged to have been killed by medical error in Australia that year. 340,000 were injured and disabled (acknowledged) - now here is the worry, Don's death does not figure in official figures,as he was a 'discharge' and if his doesn't how many others don't. And we go beresk about road deaths and guns in the cummunity, I think we need a bloody gun when we go near the murdering bastards.